Strategic HR wants to ensure you have the resources to be successful on your job right at your finger tips. We have developed and will continue to develop, especially with your input, Desktop References for you to refer to at those critical moments. Plus, we want to make sure that we are offering you competitive pricing and absolute convenience through our HR Store. Be sure you continue to share your needs and request so we can be developing future Desktop References for you.

Desktop Reference - Recordkeeping

Desktop Reference – Recordkeeping

The mantra of Human Resources is “document, document, document”. The resulting question then, has to be, “What do I do with all of these documents?” We all know that HR generates a lot of paperwork – applications, new hire paperwork, performance appraisals and supporting documentation, doctor’s excuses, benefits enrollment forms and so on. The list can be never ending. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as putting it all in a file with the employee’s name on it. But how do you determine what needs to go where, who gets access to it and how long you have to keep it?

Strategic HR has the perfect tool to help solve your employee file questions. Our Recordkeeping Desktop Reference breaks employee documentation into three different files, based on the documents contained, as well as addressing other documents to be kept separately. Additionally, the desktop reference gives specific information for how long you need to maintain documents based on legislative requirements. Keep this quick, easy guide at your fingertips, and you will never have to ask “What do I do with this document?”

$5.95 Includes tax and shipping

Is your company on the brink of adding that “one more employee” that puts you over-the-edge in terms of compliance with Federal Labor Laws? Do you ever wonder what adding another employee would do to your company legally? Are you responsible for knowing if a particular labor law applies to your situation or what a specific law means? We have the perfect solution for you! Our easy-to-follow desktop reference gives you quick access to descriptions of all the Federal Labor Laws organized by number of employees. At a glance you’ll know what labor laws your company may need to be complying with and what they mean. This document is an excellent starting point for discussions with your attorney. Best of all, our desktop reference series is laminated to protect these handy documents from frequent use, so there’s no risk of damage from your morning coffee.

$5.95 Includes tax and shipping

Desktop Reference - Legal Recruiting Questions

Desktop Reference – Legal Recruiting Questions

Can you ask a job candidate when they graduated from high school? What about asking where they were born? Do you or your hiring managers know what you can or cannot ask in an interview to minimize your risk of a law suit? Do your managers ask ‘why not’? There are many laws that protect candidates when it comes to interviewing. Whether you are intentionally asking an inappropriate question or it just slips in, asking the wrong question can be costly. When interviewing it is good to know which laws apply, how a question can be asked legally and what would be considered an illegal question. In this desktop reference, we provide a list of 17 different categories along with the respective law that would protect that category from discriminatory interviewing questions. Sample legal and illegal questions are provided to help you and your managers know the right and wrong ways to interview candidates. Before an interview, what better way to have a manager prepare for an interview than to pull out this guide and refresh your managers on what can and can’t be asked?  Every hiring manager should have one of these on their desk.


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