Our Training & Development Solutions give you a competitive edge

In order to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace, your company must invest in the training and development of your employees. Human Resources Development (HRD) focuses on both training employees for their current jobs and developing skills for their future roles and responsibilities.

strategic HR inc.’s HRD experts can customize the training and development programs that you need to ensure your employees are equipped to achieve optimal performance both today and tomorrow.

Multicolored wheel divided into 7 equal sections Recruitment, Training and Development, Benefits and Compensation, Communications, Employee Relations, Record keeping, and Health safety and security with Legal compliance written on the outer edge and company strategy in the center. Training and development is emphasized.

Strengthen your organization through employee development

Our Human Resources Development solutions help to identify, build, and best utilize your employees’ knowledge and skills.

Here’s how we can help with your employee development:

  • Develop a multi-rater feedback assessment – also known as 360 degree review
  • Create and/or improve your performance management system
  • Develop succession planning and emerging leader programs
  • Establish a formal career development planning program
  • Design a competency-based culture tied to business strategies and goals
  • Conduct employee surveys and focus groups
  • Design a reward and recognition program
  • Implement assessment tools to help identify strengths and areas of opportunity for development of employees
  • Customize team building and development solutions to strengthen your team and improve productivity

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We can fulfill all of your employee training needs

strategic HR inc. offers expert, customized training to meet all of your employee training and development needs. We offer training in three key areas: Supervisor/Management, Organizational Culture, and Emerging Topics.

See below for inspiration on how we can support your HRD initiatives.

Supervisor/Management Training

It’s no secret that employees are your greatest asset.  That’s why it’s important to provide the training and resources that they need to do their jobs well. Their success is directly related to your company’s overall success.

How confident are you that your managers can effectively (and legally) hire, engage, motivate, lead, and provide feedback to their teams?

strategic HR inc. delivers supervisor training and development programs for both new and experienced managers and supervisors to provide them with the education and resources they need to be effective people leaders.

Examples of our Supervisor/Management Training:
  • Supervisor Training Series: 101, 201, 301
  • Coaching and Developing Your Staff
  • Performance Management
  • Managing Remote Employees
  • Basics of Employment Law (FMLA, ADA, etc.) – What Managers Need to Know
  • Effective Conflict Management Strategies
  • Interviewing Effectively and Legally

Organizational Culture Training

In today’s work environment, people are looking for a great culture.  If you want to attract and keep the best employees, you need to be purposeful about developing and nurturing a company culture that ensures “who you are” as a company is aligned with “who you want to be.”

strategic HR inc. can help you to guide and shape your company culture into one that fosters a positive work environment for all.

Examples of our Organizational Culture Training:
  • Creating a Positive Work Environment – How to Handle and Avoid Workplace Harassment/Workplace Bullying
  • Communicating for Results
  • Strategic Planning and Goal Setting
  • Strategies for Successful Hiring
  • Generations in the Workplace
  • Team Building
  • Providing Exceptional Customer Service

Emerging Topics Training

Need a speaker?  We have engaging and experienced presenters that can provide expertise and insights on relevant HR and other issues of today that are impacting your organization.

Examples of our Emerging Issues Training:
  • Workplace Active Shooter Training – Preparing for the Unthinkable
  • To Outsource or Not: That Is the Question
  • Overcoming Unconscious Bias
  • The Strategic Role of Human Resources
  • Martial Arts Strategies for Stress Management

The examples of our training above are not an exhaustive list, but rather give you a sampling of the training we can provide. Our HR experts can work with you to customize training to meet your unique needs.

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Here’s what our clients have to say:

“After Strategic HR inc. conducted customer service training with our staff, our average customer satisfaction ratings went from “Satisfied” to “Extremely Satisfied”. In a tight economy and a down market, that difference in customer service performance gives us an edge that helps us retain market share and remain profitable.”

Director of OperationsPendleton Data Farm

“Thanks so much for guiding us through our group training. I thought we covered a lot of important ground which sparked some very good discussion. I look forward to incorporating some of the key concepts as well as several of the “ah-ha” moments relative to uncovering the deeper issues with our prospective customers.”


“strategic HR inc.’s presentation on implicit bias was eye opening, interactive and educating. This training is important for everyone, making you think about your actions — how to slow down and act purposefully. Your team will learn how to improve themselves, their team and your organization as a whole.”

Chief Technology OfficerUpic Solutions