You know that your company’s benefits and compensation package is a vital piece of the employee retention puzzle. With a myriad of benefit choices available, it takes constant monitoring to ensure your total compensation package is competitive, affordable, and appropriate for your employees.

These benefits can include: alternative work schedules, telecommuting, elder and child care, vacation and sick time, sabbaticals, counseling (Employee Assistance Programs), incentive and bonus programs, profit sharing and stock plans, and the plethora of insurance options available (medical, dental, vision, long term care, disability, etc.). Let strategic HR inc. help you sift through the dizzying array of choices and fit the best fit for your company.

strategic HR inc. can assist with your Benefits and Compensation needs by:

    • Analyzing competitiveness of your current employee benefits
    • Identifying creative alternative benefits (i.e. low cost / no cost)
    • Conducting Job Analysis/Evaluation in order to develop job descriptions
    • Analyzing and designing compensation structure and salary ranges
    • Researching industry salary survey data
    • Developing merit- and performance-based compensation plans
    • Developing incentive and bonus programs
    • Creating recognition and rewards programs
    • Developing Total Compensation statement for your employees
    • Obtaining tools and coaching using our Virtual HR Solutions

Benefits and Compensation

Multicolored wheel divided into 7 equal sections Recruitment, Training and Development, Benifits and Compensation, Communicating, Employee Relations, Recordkeeping, and Health safety and security with Legal compliance written on the outer edge and company strategy in the center benefits and compensation is emphasized

strategic HR inc. can give you all the benefits of having a Human Resource professional dedicated to helping your company in all of its HR needs without having to create a new position within your company.

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Is your benefits & compensation package vital to employee retention?

We can help strengthen your program to ensure affordability, suitability and be beneficial to your entire work force.