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Learn how you can reduce turnover, develop a workforce of top performers, and overall create a more successful organization.

Recruiting qualified employees for your business can be one of the most difficult and time-consuming HR functions. Our recruitment solution uses creative marketing methods to locate and attract quality candidates that fit your company’s unique culture and skill requirements.

With the average cost of turnover being 50 – 150% of an employee’s salary, it’s important to get newly recruited employees started off on the right foot, which is the key to retention. Our goal is to assist you in attracting and hiring the right people who will contribute to your company’s immediate and future success.

How can strategic, HR inc. help you with the recruitment process?

  • Creating attention-grabbing job advertisements and knowing the best spots to place your advertisements.
  • Screening applicant resumes and conducting phone interviews with top candidates.
  • Facilitating the entire process of communicating with and tracking your candidates throughout the interviewing and hiring process.
  • Participating in or conducting face-to-face interviews on behalf of your company.
  • Conducting assessment solutions to help ensure candidates are a fit for the job and your culture.
  • Assisting management with hiring decisions and employment offers.
  • Developing and facilitating new employee orientation/onboarding.
  • Analyzing and recommending improvements to your recruitment process and strategies.
  • Creating a recruitment plan to ensure the best approach and strategies are used to fill each position.
  • Developing retention strategies to reduce turnover and improve retention.

Specific Recruitment Solutions include:

  • Outsourced Recruitment Solution to manage all or pieces of the recruitment process described above.
  • Providing a contract recruiter on a short- or long-term basis.
  • Enlisting a contingent recruiter on a placement fee basis to search for top talent.