strategic HR inc. supports our community in a variety of ways.

strategic HR inc. provides facilitation and programs to many associations and non-profit organizations on topics related to human resources (HR) as well as job search and career transition. These local groups have included the Greater Cincinnati HR Association, Butler Warren Society for Human Resources Management , National Human Resources Association, HR 100, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce (serving various Chamber programs) Resources, 4Cs, Impact100, and numerous religious groups. We also serve as a resource to many individuals during their job search or career transition, providing advice and assistance with their resume, search campaign, as well as helping them develop their networking resources.

Many of our employees are working parents and are actively involved in their school PTA/PTO and with local youth services, sports organizations, and church groups.

Our employees are also involved in other community organizations including: Reach Out Lakota, Ronald McDonald House, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Cincy Works, Milford Miami Ministries, and The Salvation Army.

strategic HR inc. also provides volunteer HR services to the Warren County Humane Association, Healthcare Connection HR Committee, Council on Aging Board of Directors, Healthy Moms and Babes Operations Committee, and Senior Resource Alliance Education Advisory Board.

GETDOT Cincinnati

strategic HR inc. is a founding leader with the GETDOT Cincinnati group that started in the fall of 2010 “Good Excuse To Donate On Thursday”. GETDOT is a casual group that meets once a month on Thursday for networking and to support a children’s charity. Some of the charities supported so far have included:

  • Faces Without Places
  • Our Military Kids
  • Ruth Lyons Fund
  • Cincinnati Children’s Choir
  • Women Writing for a Change
  • Baby Bear
  • Building Blocks for Kids
  • Josh Cares
  • Mentor Connect
  • First Books
  • Summit Academy Transitional HS – Music Program
  • Blue Grass for Babies

As of December 2015, nearly $20,000 has been raised, and we donate 100% of the proceeds to the respective children’s charity.

For more information on events, sponsorship, or charities, contact Robin Throckmorton at:GETDOTCincy(at)strategicHRinc(dot)com.

HR Roundtable

strategic HR inc., in partnership with the Clermont Chamber of Commerce, facilitates a free HR Roundtable each month on the third Tuesday of the month at the Clermont Chamber of Commerce (4355 Ferguson Drive, Suite 150). Anyone is welcome to attend the meetings to help learn more about various Human Resources topics. Some topics have included:

  • Social Media and the Law
  • Generations
  • Sourcing and Recruiting Using Social Media
  • Healthcare Reform
  • Evaluating Your Exemption Status
  • Workers Compensation
  • Unemployment
  • Employment Law Update
  • Pre-tax Benefits Plans
  • Retention Strategies
  • Preparing for a DOL Audit
  • Wellness

For a list of upcoming programs visit


Impact100 is a non-profit formed to allow women the opportunity to join together and make a difference in the community. Your membership to the group is your charitable donation collectively pooled to create $100,000 grants that are awarded each year to local organizations with the goal to help improve the local community in one of five areas: family, health & wellness, education, culture, and environment. Together our contributions make an impact.

Learn more by viewing this video:

Since the group began in 2001, Impact100 has given over $1,800,000 to groups in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area.

To learn more about Impact100, go to

Coats for Girls

strategic HR inc. continues to work with Project Connect to raise funds for winter coats for the homeless children in the Cincinnati Public School (CPS) district. Project Connect is a unique program that serves the educational needs of children experiencing homelessness. Project Connect has an abundance of requests for coats each winter.

In 2009, Women Writing for (a) Change helped the girls receiving the coats express their thanks in writing. To preserve their anonymity, we’ve included some of their writings without their names below.

Thank you again to all our supporters!

“What is it like to be Cold”

What is it like to be cold,
To have nobody to hold.
I sit down every day just thinkin’.
And all I can do is to think.
What do I do to be cold,
Why don’t nobody be there for me.
Why they lettin’ me suffer like this.
Why can’t nobody help me.

But now I got a home,
I can call my own
And can’t nobody tell me

I used to be lonely, no one to call my own. Constantly getting evicted, moving to relatives, moving to hotels. I had no home to call my own. We sometimes went without a meal. Begging people for money. Though we was warm. But still, no home to call my own. Now that we slightly got up on our feet. And I finally have a home to call my own. It’s not the best home, but it’s more than we ever had. We can feed our family now, no more tears, being shed of hunger. No more cries at my mother struggling.

To be cold is to be alone or feel alone. To feel alone is like you have nothing to call your own or nobody that understands you. To not feel that warm feeling of the people you most care about is hard to live with. The warmth I currently have makes me feel good sometimes about myself. Sometimes when I’m with my friends I can just be myself and be free without judgment, and with my family. So for right now I feel the warmth of the people I care about. ~Anonymous