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How To Determine If A Home Office Injury Is Covered By Workers’ Compensation

HR Question: Our company has agreed to allow employees to work a hybrid schedule, allowing them to work from home on multiple days during the week. Although this has been very well received by employees, we have seen an increase in the number of injuries from employees working from home. How do I know if […]

How Can I Stop Candidates From Ghosting After Accepting an Offer?

HR Question: It’s a tough market right now! It feels like every time we find the right candidate and extend an offer, candidates will accept the offer but then ghost or decline before their first day. What can I do differently to ensure my candidates stop ghosting after accepting an offer? HR Answer: So, your […]

How Do I Conduct a Training Needs Analysis?

HR Question: My company is focusing on team member training for next year. To get this started, I have been tasked with carrying out a training needs analysis for all team members. What are the steps I need to take to accomplish this successfully? HR Answer: To begin with, let’s first understand what a training […]

What Are Employee Pulse Surveys And How Can They Increase Retention?

HR Question: We are exploring ways to increase our employee retention and engagement, and someone suggested doing an employee pulse survey. Can you explain what that is and how to best use it to drive engagement? HR Answer: It is not surprising to employers that The Great Resignation and a tight labor market have posed […]

Four Tips for a Successful Coaching Session

HR Question: I’m a new supervisor, and one of my team members has been having some performance issues on the job. It’s up to me to coach them, but this is new territory for me. How can I make sure that we both have a successful coaching session? HR Answer: Coaching, when delivered poorly, can […]

As Open Enrollment Season Approaches, What Are Best Practices to Improve Benefits and Remain Compliant?

HR Question: It’s almost that time again – open enrollment season is quickly approaching! I want to be prepared this year and avoid any last-minute decisions or chaos. Can you recommend any best practices for reviewing, improving, and staying compliant with our employees’ health and well-being? HR Answer: It can be an intimidating feeling to […]


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