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What Is an RPO?

HR Question: I keep hearing about RPOs… but I don’t have a clue what they are! What are they, and should I be looking into one? HR Answer: It’s nearly impossible to keep up with all of the business acronyms, new or old, so it’s not shocking that you may not have heard of an […]

What Should Ohio Employers Know About Marijuana in the Workplace?

Question: As an Ohio employer, can you help me understand how marijuana legalization fits into our employment policies? Answer: You are not alone in trying to navigate the everchanging state of marijuana legalization. A growing number of states have either passed laws, or are considering legislation, to ease restrictions on employees’ use of marijuana for […]

Do I Need HR?

Question: As a business owner, how do I know when I should engage someone to help me with our human resources needs? Answer: The quick answer is the typical rule of thumb is to have one HR professional for every 100 employees. However, depending on the scope of the role and how proactive your organization […]


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