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Dress Code Policy: What is “Normal” Today?

Question: My company is interested in updating the dress code policy.  What is “normal” today and are there any specific things I should keep in mind in making this update? Answer: Workplace appearance and grooming standards are nothing new.  However, what they encompass continues to evolve as we consider cultural and generational needs and desires.  Most […]

Changes in 2020

Question: I have been really busy wrapping up everything for 2019. I understand there are changes that I need to be aware of for 2020. Can you give me a brief outline of the relevant topics? Answer:  There are numerous changes that go in to effect in 2020.  The below list provides information on important […]

Recruiting Trends in 2020

Question: It’s that time of year again – everyone is looking ahead to the next year and wondering what’s coming next. Are there any trends that I should look out for? Answer: It’s no secret that the end of the year brings about predictions, resolutions, and fresh budgets. Here are some of the on-going trends […]


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