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The Top Five Handbook Policies to Include This Year

HR Question: We’re in the process of reviewing our handbook for the year and want to make sure that we’re including policies that reflect the talent we’re trying to attract. What are some of the top policies we need to include in our handbook? HR Answer: It’s important to review your handbook at least once […]

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How Long Should We Keep Resumes and Applications?

We’re doing some end-of-year filing and record cleanup. How long do we need to keep resumes and applications?

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How To Say Sponsorship Is Not Available And Remain Compliant

Our company is not able to provide sponsorship to candidates wanting to work legally in the United States and needing an H1-B Visa. How do we word this on our employment ads to avoid problems?

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Can My Employee Take a Vacation While on FMLA Leave?

HR Question: I currently have an employee who is out on FMLA leave due to their own serious injury.  Multiple employees have come to me sharing the employee’s Facebook post where she is sitting on the beach – clearly on vacation. The employees are upset and demand that she be fired. Can my employee take […]

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Specific Ways HR Can Cultivate an Inclusive Workplace

HR Question: We’re celebrating the last full week of Black History month, and we want to keep the conversation going. How can our HR department cultivate a more inclusive environment beyond Black History Month? HR Answer: While the month of February inspires us to celebrate the successes and recognize the struggles of Black and African […]

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What are the Newest Benefit Trends?

HR Question: We’re trying to review our benefit offerings to make sure that we’re meeting each of our employees’ needs. We’re able to offer the basics – health, dental, vision – but are there offerings we haven’t considered yet to keep up with benefit trends? HR Answer: In today’s market, it’s as important to retain […]

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How do I manage compensation increases with inflation?

HR Question: How do I best manage compensation increases with inflation still rising? HR Answer: This is a question many companies continue to wrestle with as the US economy experiences rising inflation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the consumer price index (CPI) reached its highest annual increase (8.6%) in over 40 years […]


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