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How to Adjust Your HR Practices as the Pandemic Continues

HR Question: As many roles in our business community ebb and flow with the changes of 2020, the role and function of human resources has undergone massive change. How can I continue to adjust my HR practices as the pandemic continues? HR Answer: As organizations adjust to the changes 2020 has brought us, human resource […]

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Can I Store My I-9 Forms Electronically?

HR Question: I have heard of other employers storing all of their I-9’s electronically, rather than in paper form. Is that acceptable? Is there anything I need to know before moving to store my I-9 Forms electronically? HR Answer: Yes, many employers are moving to the electronic completion and storage of their employees’ I-9 Forms. […]

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Back-to-School: Frequently Asked Questions about Leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)

Special thanks to the HR Pros at the HR Support Center for sharing their expertise in this Special Edition Q&A!   Q: If children and their parents can choose between in-person schooling or online schooling, can we deny leave to employees who choose online schooling? A: We don’t know yet. EFMLA can be used when […]

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How Can HR Navigate the Back to School Season?

HR Question: As schools begin their new year, the format of school is changing nearly daily – which is hard enough for kids and parents without the added stress of returning in a COVID-19 environment. As HR and business leaders, how can we best navigate the back to school season? What are other organizations doing […]

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How Can We Maintain New Hire Engagement When Onboarding Remotely?

HR Question: We recently hired a new team member, and we’re worried about onboarding them when we are all working remotely due to COVID-19. How can we maintain new hire engagement when doing onboarding remotely? HR Answer: For some companies, remote onboarding is nothing new. They may have team members across the US, or even […]

How Can I Prevent Tension Between My Remote Team and On-Site Team?

HR Question: Due to COVID-19, some of my team members are able to work from home. However, I have other team members that I need to be present in the office. This has understandably caused some frustration for those that need to be on-site, as they may feel that the situation is unfair. How can […]

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What are the COVID-19 Safety Measures for Returning to Work?

It may feel as if the country is taking a collective breath after holding it since March. But many are worried if we breathe too soon or too deeply, we’ll inhale more than we bargained for, leading to a worse global catastrophe in the form of a second wave of coronavirus infections. If you ask […]


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