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Do I Need HR?

Question: As a business owner, how do I know when I should engage someone to help me with our human resources needs? Answer: The quick answer is the typical rule of thumb is to have one HR professional for every 100 employees. However, depending on the scope of the role and how proactive your organization […]

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Dress Code Policy: What is “Normal” Today?

Question: My company is interested in updating the dress code policy.  What is “normal” today and are there any specific things I should keep in mind in making this update? Answer: Workplace appearance and grooming standards are nothing new.  However, what they encompass continues to evolve as we consider cultural and generational needs and desires.  Most […]

Changes in 2020

Question: I have been really busy wrapping up everything for 2019. I understand there are changes that I need to be aware of for 2020. Can you give me a brief outline of the relevant topics? Answer:  There are numerous changes that go in to effect in 2020.  The below list provides information on important […]

Recruiting Trends in 2020

Question: It’s that time of year again – everyone is looking ahead to the next year and wondering what’s coming next. Are there any trends that I should look out for? Answer: It’s no secret that the end of the year brings about predictions, resolutions, and fresh budgets. Here are some of the on-going trends […]

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Stay Interviews

Question: Our turnover rate is just too high – I need to increase employee retention in my organization.  What are some tools that I can use to help me and my team? Answer: Just because you’re in HR doesn’t mean that you’re a mind reader. It can tricky to understand what is in the hearts […]

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Compensating Employees for Travel Time

Question: We have employees who occasionally have to travel from one of our offices to another during their work day.  Are we required to pay them for their travel time? Answer: This is a very common situation, and the quick answer is it depends.  Exempt employees generally are not entitled to additional compensation for travel […]

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What is a 401(k) Catch-up?

Question: An employee asked to maximize their 401(k) Catch-up contributions. What is a 401(k) Catch-up and what are the 401(k) defined contribution limits for next year? Answer: A 401(k) plan is one of the more popular options for business owners and employees to work toward saving for retirement due to favorable tax deductions and credits, […]

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Does My Company Need an AED?

Question: AED’s have been mentioned in safety demos and tutorials that I have attended. Does my company need one of these devices? If so, what type of training is needed in order to use it? Answer: The safety and well-being of your employees and anyone who visits your place of employment should be top of […]

Why You Should Always Be Networking

Question: I keep hearing “Network! Network! Network!” I already have a full-time position. I thought networking was just for job seekers. Answer: In short, you should always be networking – no matter if you are employed or unemployed. Let’s begin by defining networking so we are on the same page. According to Merriam-Webster, networking is […]


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