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How To Follow ACA Reporting Requirements & Avoid Penalties

“Micro-Learning” – Bite-Sized Learning Techniques

Question: My manager is interested in implementing Bite-Sized learning techniques for 2017.  Is this something new?  Is it effective?  Why would we want to do this? Answer: Bite-sized learning and Micro-Learning are interchangeable ‘buzzwords’ in the world of training for the past two years.  Long gone are the days of 8 hour PowerPoint training sessions, […]

The Difference between Applicants and Candidates

My recruiter talks about applicants and candidates as if they’re not interchangeable–what’s the difference?

Recruiting Etiquette

Question: This is supposed to be a tough job market with too many job seekers and not enough jobs. I would think job seekers would be extra careful about their business etiquette. But I’ve called and emailed would-be candidates to the point of “stalking” with no response – how many times should I try before […]

Requiring a Formal Education for a Job

Question: Have you considered not having a formal education requirement for your current job openings? Answer: Throughout the past couple of years, many companies have been moving away from having a formal education requirement to get a job with their organizations. If you think about it, how much of your college education do you use in […]

In my recruitment strategies, can I really text a candidate?

Question: Sometimes, in my recruitment strategies, I have such a hard time getting candidates to respond to my calls and emails.  A colleague asked if I had tried texting?  Can I really do this?  It seems intrusive. Answer: In a word, yes.  Especially if a good candidate is not responding to other means.  Texting is a […]

Are Social Media Background Checks Legal?

Question: Should my company conduct social media background checks as part of our recruitment process? Answer: When a hiring team considers using social media background checks on potential candidates, they should first assess the risk of performing these checks and proceed with caution. Social media profiles often include information such as: Age, Race, Gender, National […]


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