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Work Related Injuries from a Home Office

I have “virtual” employees who don’t spend all their work time in the office. How do I know if an employee’s injury is work related if they work out of their home?

What is a Safety Audit?

My manager is concerned about our company’s ability to pass a safety inspection and wants us to do a safety audit. What is a safety audit?

How To Conduct A Safety Audit

Question: I have a safety committee comprised of all new members. We need to conduct a safety audit of our facility. How should we structure our audit? Answer: The most important part of a safety and health audit is to make some specific decisions early on. Questions must be answered such as: Who is going to […]

Good Samaritan Law

Question: If an employee tries to medically help someone during a medical emergency are they or our company liable if something should go wrong? Answer: If you work in Ohio you are covered by something called the “Good Samaritan” law that protects bystanders who provide emergency aid from financial liability if there is an unintended injury […]

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How do we deal with employee body odor?

Question: We have an employee with strong body odor and other staff feel it is making them ill at work. How do we address such a sensitive topic? Answer: Addressing personal care issues that affect others at work can be difficult conversations to have. Keep in mind the offending employee may not be aware that they […]

Notice of Creditable Coverage

Question: My husband just received a “Notice of Creditable Coverage” at home from his employer.  As a Human Resources professional, I’m not sure what this is and I am wondering if I am supposed to be distributing something to my employees? Answer: Yes!  The Medicare Modernization Act requires entities, employers with prescription drug coverage, to […]

Who Is Responsible to Provide COBRA Coverage to M&A Qualified Beneficiaries?

(By Diane Cross, Compliance Analyst at HORAN. Reposted from HORAN’s Health Benefits Compliance Blog) HR Question: Business reorganizations, such as mergers and acquisitions (M&A), directly impact employee benefits administration – and one consideration is COBRA responsibility. What is our COBRA responsibility as a result of our business sale (or purchase)? is a common question we receive from […]


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