Creating Effective Teams

You’re on a team. Now do “it!”

Is that scary? It should be, especially if your performance will be measured according to the team’s success.

The Creating Effective Teams eWorkbook covers information that is critical for the ongoing success of any team and organization. Explore and practice each step for creating effective teams. Then evaluate your team’s progress in fulfilling each step by using the ideas, knowledge, and skills shared in the eWorkbook.

The objectives of the Creating Effective Teams eWorkbook are to:

  • Explore the steps for creating effective teams.
  • Practice following each step.
  • Evaluate your team’s progress in fulfilling each step.

Commit to creating an effective team by purchasing this eWorkbook – your team’s success may depend on it!

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This eWorkbook contains:

  • Detailed content.
  • Provoctive questions.
  • Possible answers.
  • Action plan. 

The eWorkbook is easy to read and will allow you to quickly assimilate the concepts shared.