Coaching and Counseling Toolkit

Do you or your managers struggle when you provide employees feedback on performance? Do you avoid providing that necessary feedback? Have you ever wished that somebody would just do it for you? Unfortunately, nobody can effectively provide the feedback to the employee for you BUT we can help make it easier by providing you with the tool and guidance to make it easier.

In this toolkit, we will share with you some of the negative impacts you may be missing that are happening around you because you are avoiding addressing the performance issues. But more importantly, we will discuss a four step coaching process to help you each time you need to coach an employee through an issue in a more proactive and positive way. But, when this doesn’t work, you may have to resort to a disciplinary approach, which we also provide steps for verbal and written warnings.

In the Coaching and Counseling Toolkit, we include tools such as:

  • Performance Improvement Plan form
  • Sample Record of Discussion
  • Sample Disciplinary Policies

Next time you or your managers find yourself with a performance problem, you can use this coaching and counseling kit as your guide to help you ensure you are effectively managing the situation and have all the tools you need to be successful.

Cost: $49.95

Photo of a coaching and counseling meeting