Giving and Receiving Feedback

Do you dread giving feedback? Or, on the flipside, do you quake at the phrase, “The ‘boss’ wants to see you at 4:00 today.”? If so, consider getting a good dose of feedback reminders – whether you’re giving the feedback or on the receiving end.

The Giving and Receiving Feedback eWorkbook defines feedback – both positive and constructive. The steps to follow when giving positive and constructive feedback are spelled out with examples. You will be asked to complete an action plan to give some positive and/or constructive feedback to someone you know, using the knowledge, skills, and steps shared in the eWorkbook.

The objectives of the Giving and Receiving Feedback eWorkbook are to:

  • Discuss why feedback is important to you, all employees, and the organization.
  • Identify what makes feedback effective.
  • Introduce and apply the steps necessary for giving effective feedback.
  • Recognize opportunities to provide feedback when they arise.

Commit to giving and receiving better feedback by purchasing this eWorkbook. Grab your compass and take the first step!

This eWorkbook contains:

  • Detailed content.
  • Provoctive questions.
  • Possible answers.
  • Action plan. 

The eWorkbook is easy to read and will allow you to quickly assimilate the concepts shared.