Termination Toolkit: Everything you Need to Manage your Terminations

Do you struggle each time you have to terminate an employee – not knowing what to do or how to do it? Do you feel uneasy, questioning if you have covered all the bases? Having to do  never fun. But they don’t have to be painful and shouldn’t be avoided. Save yourself time, money and sleepless nights by using our Termination Toolkit. You get a better understanding of the process. And most importantly, you get more confidence in your ability to protect your company’s interests.

Strategic HR knows that The Right Tools Make The Job Easier. That’s why we’ve created an employee Termination toolkit. It has everything you need to have confidence in your decisions and know that you have represented your company well by conducting your terminations effectively and appropriately.

This toolkit includes:

  • Overview: A comprehensive review of the different types of terminations, instruction on planning for and preparing a termination, how to conduct a termination meeting and the why’s and how’s of exit interviews.
  • Forms and Checklists: We start you with blank forms, completed examples and checklist to make sure you have everything in place for your next termination, including:
    • Record of Termination
    • Sample Completed Record of Termination
    • Termination Checklist
    • Exit Interview

Additionally if your still unsure and feel like you need someone to coaching through this, Strategic HR is available to clarify any questions you may have for an hourly rate of $25 per quarter hour.

NOTE: Don’t forget, some terminations do require involvement from legal counsel no matter how perfect you handle them. Your attorney is your best ally should you anticipate any potential lawsuit.


Termination Toolkit