Coaching and Feedback

Feedback Training Kits Image

Our Coaching and Feedback Training Kit, consists of eight lessons.  The lessons teach the steps necessary to give effective evaluations that produces ongoing results for you and your organization.

Using the strategies provided in this Training Kit, will enable you to be more effective performing your job and will provide long-lasting enjoyment for you and others around you.

Every day at organizations across the country and around the world, employees are providing evaluations to their managers, direct reports, vendors, customers, and others. This is very costly to companies, if it is not done effectively.

If assessments are given and received with the strategies shared in this Training Kit, the organization will reap the rewards of increased productivity, employee efficiency, and employee satisfaction. Well-trained employees are essential to lead your organization to higher profits and success.

Here’s what you will learn in this 8 module course:

  • The Coaching Process – all eight steps.
  • The difference between coaching and feedback.
  • How to give and receive both positive and constructive feedback.
  • The Coaching Discussion – from the preparation to the follow up.
  • And much more…

Your course includes the following:

  • 8 AudioCast Lessons plus the AudioCast instructions.
  • Handouts for each lesson.
  • Coaching Assessment.
  • Coaching Discussion Preparation and Follow Up form.
  • Feedback Effectiveness Self-Assessment.
  • Coaching and Feedback Job Aids.
  • Self-Study Course Follow Up Checklist.
  • Self-Study Schedule.
  • Qualification Quiz.
  • Certificate of Completion. (Submit the Self-Study Schedule and Qualification Quiz for your eligibility.)