Performance Management 2: The Details

Are you recognized for your contributions?  Do you need to clearly communicate your or someone else’s performance on the job? How often do you need to create these “communication experiences?” Could you use some “tips” to help you be more successful in this endeavor? Could you use some ideas on how to have a good conversation about business results as they relate to someone else’s performance?

The Performance Management 2: The Details eWorkbook begins by reviewing the “why” and the “how” components of the process. Next, the eWorkbook will discuss how to document, share, and practice the process. The eWorkbook will introduce the elements of a performance appraisal worksheet, the rater pitfalls, and ways to avoid them. Finally, the eWorkbook will establish the elements of the performance appraisal discussion. And, you will then complete and commit to an action plan by using the knowledge, skills, and steps shared in the eWorkbook.

The objectives of the Performance Management 2: The Details eWorkbook are to:

  • Review the “why” of the process and the “how” components of the process. 
  • Share and practice how the process should be documented.
  • Introduce the elements of a Performance Appraisal Worksheet. 
  • Introduce rater pitfalls and ways to avoid them. 
  • Establish the elements of the Performance Appraisal discussion.

Most of all, if you’re interested in enhancing your and the organization’s growth, purchase this eWorkbook. Do everything you can to make sure that your contributions are recognized. Also, do everything you can to ensure that you continue to improve on what you already do well.  And beef up those areas that can use some improvement.

This eWorkbook contains:

  • Detailed content.
  • Provoctive questions.
  • Possible answers.
  • Action plan. 

The eWorkbook is easy to read and will allow you to quickly assimilate the concepts shared.