Coaching: A Beginning

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Coaching should be easy…right? Sure. Coaching is easy. However, if you want it to be effective, coaching might take a little more effort on your part. And, let’s face it, those we mentor would appreciate, and be more open to, our coaching if we used a well-thought out process that actually worked.

The Coaching: A Beginning eWorkbook identifies characteristics of a good coach and then defines coaching and its benefits. The eight step coaching process is introduced. You will be asked to complete an action plan to assess your coaching skills and then commit to improving an area identified, using the knowledge, skills, and steps shared in the eWorkbook.

The objectives of the Coaching: A Beginning eWorkbook are to:

  • Identify characteristics of a good coach.
  • Define coaching and its benefits.
  • Overcome common misperceptions and challenges of coaching.
  • Introduce the coaching process.
  • Identify coaching resources and reminders.

Find your compass, determine the journey, and start the coaching by purchasing this eWorkbook. Begin your journey!

This eWorkbook contains:

  • Detailed content.
  • Provoctive questions.
  • Possible answers.
  • Action plan. 

The eWorkbook is easy to read and will allow you to quickly assimilate the concepts shared. 

With the purchase of this eWorkbook, you will have immediate access to the PDF downloads.