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Dealing With Workplace Gossip

Question: Our office struggles with workplace gossip. It tends to breed negativity between our employees and hurts our culture of teamwork. What tips do you have for dealing with employees who love to gossip and complain? Answer: Communication is always a good thing, right? Typically, the answer to this is a resounding, “Yes!” However, when […]


Developing a Retention Strategy

Question: We know that finding and hiring good talent is a real challenge. Fortunately, we don’t have many open positions right now, but how do we keep the talent that we have? What can we do to prevent our employees from leaving and improve our retention? Answer: This is an excellent question! And one that […]


Importance of the Careers Page and What Should Be Included

Question: What should we include on our company Careers page to make sure we’re keeping up with the times? Answer: You’re wise to have the quality of your company Careers page on your radar. This is a critical recruitment marketing tool to capture the attention of potential candidates. The content, look, and feel of your […]


Emphasizing Empathy for a Successful Candidate Experience

Question: We’re in the process of improving our candidate experience, and we just don’t know where to start. What should we consider as we re-vamp this process? Answer: In an industry that contains a high percentage of rejection, talent acquisition can often times become somewhat demoralizing, both for the job seeker and the recruiter. One […]


Impact of Inclement Weather on Employees

Question: With the cold months and potential for bad weather, I’m concerned about the possibility of weather impeding our employees’ ability to get to work. What workplace practices and policies do we need to consider? Answer: Great Question, and kudos to you for proactively thinking about potential challenges for your employees and the business. As […]


Handling Bullying Complaints in the Workplace

Question: We have received several complaints from employees and upon investigating they seem to be more bullying than harassment. There doesn’t seem to be any reference to protected status.  How do I handle bullying complaints? Answer: Even though bullying may not be legally actionable, it’s no less detrimental to the work environment and morale. The […]


Succession Planning: Where Do I Begin?

Question: We’re a small company that has been growing fast and a key member of our leadership team is likely to retire in a few years. We’re not prepared to lose this person, or any other leader in our organization, for that matter.  Can you give us advice on succession planning? Answer: Absolutely! We’re happy […]


Managing Workers’ Compensation and Claims

Question: I just took over responsibility for managing workers’ compensation claims at my company. Where do I start? Answer: If you are new to the responsibilities of managing the workers’ compensation process, it can be overwhelming. There are responsibilities that both the employer and employee have in the process. Compliance laws vary from state to […]


Why Should We Provide Civility Training at Our Company?

Question: What is Civility Training and should I be offering it at my work-site?  I have done the typical harassment, communication, and customer service training – is Civility Training different? Answer: Civility Training is a new approach for training.  It is workplace training that includes: Harassment, Bullying, Cultural sensitivity, Diversity, and Professional Etiquette – all […]


Protect Your Company: Investigate Workplace Accidents Effectively & Legally

Question: How do we investigate workplace accidents effectively, while still protecting ourselves legally? Answer: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) caused controversy and sowed corporate confusion with a recent comment on post-accident drug testing. In the Preamble to the Recording and Reporting Occupational Injuries and Illnesses, OSHA noted that post-accident drug and alcohol testing […]


Five HR Strategies To Promote Stronger Business Partnerships

Question: My company has been a slow adapter to letting HR move out of the ‘watch-dog’ role to a more strategic approach.  Are there things that I can do myself, even without their support, to make small changes in my HR strategies and show the value of such a changed role? Answer: Obviously, having the […]


Writing a Winning Employee Newsletter

Question: I’m trying to improve our old traditional employee newsletter.  What information will help create a communication piece that is effective and meets the needs of all of our employees (onsite, remote, etc.)?  I really want it to be worthwhile. Answer: The days of the old employee newsletter have really changed.  With today’s technology, we […]


Employee Engagement Ideas To Fit Any Budget

Question: What are some fun and interesting ways to encourage employee engagement with my team that do not take tons of time or money? Answer: We spend so much of our time with our co-workers every week, and it is important to keep things exciting and to maintain open communication among the teams. Creating an […]


English-Only Policies in the Workplace

Question: My manager is upset because his employees are speaking another language in front of him and he is unable to understand what they are saying.  He wants me to write a English-only policy for the department and I am not comfortable with that.  Is there a legal basis to help back me up to […]


What are the Advantages of Financial Wellness Programs?

Question: I’ve been hearing a lot about employers offering financial wellness programs as a benefit for employees in 2017.  What is a financial wellness program and what are the advantages of offering this benefit to my employees? Answer: Financial wellness programs are becoming increasingly popular as an employee benefit.  A 2016 Aon Hewitt report found that […]


What Types of Communication Methods Work Best With Employees?

Question: We are struggling to ensure our communications are being heard by all employees.  What could we be doing wrong? Answer: Communication with employees is extremely important.  As much as you communicate, you will likely never be told your business over communicates.  However, we are a society that is on information overload.  We have to […]


Is it Important to Use Consensual Relationship Agreements?

Updated February 2022 HR Question: We just found out that two of our employees are in a romantic relationship and we don’t currently utilize consensual relationship agreements. Although they’re not in a supervisor/subordinate relationship, should we still be concerned? What should we do? HR Answer: Although romantic relationships in the workplace are quite common, you […]


What Are the Benefits of Total Compensation Statements?

Question: What are total compensation statements and why should I consider them for my employees? Answer: Most of the time, an employee’s pay and benefits spread far beyond the base pay.  A total compensation statement can be anything from a simple, computer-generated spreadsheet to an elaborate, in-depth analysis with charts or graphs.  Providing total compensation […]


Conducting Employee Pulse Surveys

Question: Senior leadership in my organization is looking for numbers on HR effectiveness in the organization.  We have done annual employee surveys in the past but they don’t seem to provide good, actionable information.  Is there something else that can be used? Answer: Annual surveys of your employees are a great way to get input […]


Notice of Creditable Coverage

Question: My husband just received a “Notice of Creditable Coverage” at home from his employer.  As a Human Resources professional, I’m not sure what this is and I am wondering if I am supposed to be distributing something to my employees? Answer: Yes!  The Medicare Modernization Act requires entities, employers with prescription drug coverage, to […]


Being Charged for Constructive Discharge

Question:  I just received a claim from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission indicating a charge for constructive discharge.  What does this mean?  The employee resigned, I’m not sure what I’m being charged with. Answer: According to the EEOC, Constructive Discharge is when an employee feels forced to resign because the employer (or those in the […]


Importance of Succession Plans

Question: Are succession plans really essential in the workplace? Answer:  ABSOLUTELY!  Regardless of how “formal” your plan is, succession planning is essential!  These plans or even identifiers allow organizations to establish the groundwork for the training and development of potential successors in the organization for roles left open due to retirement or attrition.  Effective use […]


What is the Value of Job Descriptions?

Updated September 2021 HR Question: Do I really need job descriptions for my employees? Are they legally required? We have a small staff and everyone has to be willing to do everything. What is the value of having job descriptions? HR Answer: No, job descriptions are not legally required documents, however, they can help your […]


Total Rewards Statements

Question: I’ve always heard that Total Rewards Statements were a great tool to provide to employees the ones I have seen seem very difficult to understand.  How can I provide a Total Reward Statement that is valuable, easy to understand, and will help my employees truly understand what their total compensation is? Answer: While knocking […]


Starting An Employee Newsletter

Question: My CEO would like HR to publish an employee newsletter. What should I include in the newsletter? Answer: The first question I would ask is ‘what is the purpose of the newsletter?’ Why does your CEO think a newsletter is needed and what is the goal? You will select topics and include articles that […]


Cincinnati HR Executive Honored for Leadership, Entrepreneurial Spirit

Throckmorton Named Finalist for 2008 Enterprising Women of the Year Award Cincinnati, OH – March 10, 2008 – Monica Smiley, publisher and CEO of Enterprising Women Magazine has announced that Robin Throckmorton of Strategic HR is a 2008 Enterprising Women of the Year Award Finalist. Robin Throckmorton, MA, SPHR, is the founder and senior consultant […]


Cincinnati Job Search

Looking for a job in Cincinnati? Look no further, we’ve created one convenient place to help you locate online tools for finding a job in the Greater Cincinnati area. Below is our list of local resources and job boards that are available to employers trying to fill open positions and for job seekers looking for […]


Gauging Employee Engagement

Question: What is an Employee Engagement Survey and why would I need one? Answer: An employee engagement survey measures things like how passionate employees are about their work, how proud they are to tell people where they work, if they believe in the mission of the organization, and if they feel their work is valued […]


Competency Based Culture

Question: What do I need to think about when creating a competency based performance management system? Answer: As with any type of new program being introduced to your employees a lot of planning needs to go into creating a performance management system. Start with a clear idea of the business challenge or problem you need […]