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Getting Through Change

Question: Our company is going through a lot of changes lately… any ideas for how to best deal with these changes? Answer: There is so much change taking place in the workforce today, we can’t escape it. But it can’t just be ignored, we have to decide how we are going to handle or cope […]


Press Release – Best “10 under 10

Strategic HR named as one of best “10 under 10” by Cincinnati Chamber CINCINNATI, OH – Strategic HR, was honored by the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber with a Small Business Excellence Award in the category of 10 Under 10 (companies with fewer than 10 employees) on Tuesday, May 20, 2008. This was the first Small Business […]


Human Resources Assistance Needed

Question: I need help with human resources – what are my options? Answer: The role of human resources covers a variety of areas such as: Recruitment Training and Development Benefits and Compensation Communications Employee Relations Recordkeeping Health Safety and Security Legal Compliance The type of human resources help you may need depends greatly on which […]


Accidents in the Workplace

Question: We seem to be experiencing a flare up in minor workplace accidents. What are some steps we can take to raise safety awareness and reduce the number of incidents? Answer: It happens to many organizations…it is easy to take safety for granted and that is when the bottom falls out and accidents start to […]


Should I be worrying about employee retention?

Question: Should I really be worried about employee retention during economic downturns when unemployment numbers are so high? Answer: YES!!! It is still a shock to the system when we give presentations to HR professionals and small business owners and ask “what are you doing about retention?” and we get these looks like “retention” why […]


Strategic Planning…Goal Setting…Are You Still on Track?

by Robin Throckmorton, MA, SPHR Do you remember how much time and energy you put into setting goals for yourself and/or your business earlier this year? Do you even remember what those goals were? What actions have you taken toward accomplishing them? Each year, January 1 is a milestone that forces me to establish both […]


Unleashing Employee Potential Through Competency-Based Job Descriptions

by Linda Gravett, PhD, SPHR How many times have you heard statements like these from your employees? “I have no idea what my official job duties are.”  “My job description mainly says ‘other duties as assigned’.”  “I’m evaluated on things that aren’t even in my job description.” If you’ve heard these complaints much too often, […]


Employee Engagement…From Beginning to End

By Patti Dunham, MA, MBA, SPHR and Debbie Hatke, MA, SPHR Employee engagement; we’ve heard the term before and as HR professionals we know and we preach that “happy” employees are “productive” employees. But do we really understand engagement? Have we really tried to truly get employees engaged? Do we recognize, and act on the knowledge, […]


Excessive Absenteeism

I have an employee with excessive absenteeism and tardiness due to her pregnancy. She has been with the company less than eight months. Per her physician’s request she has been asked to stop working and has asked us for a leave of absence for six to eight months. The company can not afford to hold this position for such a long time. What are our legal obligations?


Improve Employee Communication

Question: It seems like employees don’t listen to us when we communicate. What can we do to improve our communications to employees? Answer: Back in the late 70’s, my first boss at an ad agency used to refer to the “95% Factor,” meaning that 95% of the time when you are communicating with people, they […]


Employee Newsletter – Planning

Question: My CEO wants HR to start producing an employee newsletter. How do I start? Answer: This is a huge undertaking – but one that is surmountable with the proper planning. To get started you need to outline your plan by determining the following: Objective: Why are you doing this? What is the newsletter’s objective – […]


Handling Contagiously Sick Employees

Question: One of our employees has had a persistent cough for a few months. It has gotten to the point where other employees have expressed concerns about their health and work environment due to this employee’s perceived illness. What actions can I take? Can I ask the coughing employee if she has seen a doctor […]