Writing a Winning Employee Newsletter


I’m trying to improve our old traditional employee newsletter.  What information will help create a communication piece that is effective and meets the needs of all of our employees (onsite, remote, etc.)?  I really want it to be worthwhile.


The days of the old employee newsletter have really changed.  With today’s technology, we are able to quickly get information to employees, and solicit input and response quickly with the push of a button. Whichever email marketing platform you choose to use to improve your old traditional paper newsletter, here are a few tips when considering what information to include that will motivate and engage your employees:

  • Seek to make your newsletter not only informational but motivational.  The key to a good newsletter is to make it MOTIVATIONAL, not just full of information.  Use it to motivate your employees and get them engaged.
  • Include information your employees want to see and hear, not just what management wants them to hear.  Don’t know what they want?  ASK!
  • Mix it up.  Make the information informative, provide updates on what is going on.
  • Add live content – links to videos, pictures, or other stories to further engage the reader.
  • Using metrics?  Make them visual and accurate…let employees figure out what they say about company / department performance.
  • Add a social aspect.  Employees like to know what is going on with others in the company – New certification? New degree?  New grand kids?  Let people share the good news in their lives if they wish.
  • Use a “news box” on the home screen where employees log in to the Intranet.  This will allow employees to read it when they are ready, not rushing through it because they have other deadlines to meet.
  • Newsletters should be all about what employees are doing right!  Customer comments on good performance and shout outs to other departments or employees…focus on the positive here.

If executed well, employee newsletters provide an effective way to create employee engagement. In this Ultimate Guide to Creating the Perfect Employee Newsletter,” you will get additional information, tips and examples to help you create a winning employee newsletter!

Bottomline, get your employees involved in the newsletter.  Get your employees to offer content for the newsletter, review your metrics on what they are reading and clicking, and regularly ask your employees for input on what’s beneficial and what’s not.

Communication often seems like a “no-brainer”. You have something to communicate and you just “do it”. But factor in multiple shifts or locations, off-site employees and a multigenerational workforce and you quickly learn that providing adequate communication to everyone you employ isn’t so easy. Strategic HR has years of experience writing for a diverse workforce. Visit our Communications page to learn how we can assist you with various communication-based projects.