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Employee Engagement Ideas To Fit Any Budget


What are some fun and interesting ways to encourage employee engagement with my team that do not take tons of time or money?


We spend so much of our time with our co-workers every week, and it is important to keep things exciting and to maintain open communication among the teams. Creating an engaging workforce isn’t just copying what other organizations do. We’d all love to be Disney or Southwest, but what they do fits their culture. Creating employee engagement with your employees will even vary from employee to employee.

A few ideas that don’t take a lot of time or money include:

  • Promoting a collaborative work environment where each employee on the team takes the time to compliment each other on their accomplishments.
  • “Shout Outs” in an employee newsletter to congratulate or thank another employee.
  • Recognizing an employee that embodied a company value each week.
  • Creating a kudos board in your break room.
  • Taking team photos at random and display them on a wall in the office.
  • Celebrating special milestones as they pass for each employee, showing them special recognition.
  • Ensuring all employees have all of the resources they need to do their job. Providing the proper tools means more time for them to do great work.  
  • Getting out of the office and be social from time to time. Whether it is going out for happy hour or playing a game of soccer on a sunny day, it can really improve morale and strengthen the team.
  • Doing volunteer work together. This is a great team building activity.
  • Doing a team art project that requires the team work together to create one large piece of art to display in the office, that embodies the values of your organization.
  • Allowing your employees time to work on personal projects and to collaborate during the day. This can lead to new innovations and establish a space for creativity and exchange.
  • Quantum Workplace also gives 10 Low-Cost Employee Engagement Ideas that will fit just about any organization or budget.

The list could go on and on. The key is getting to know your employees even by asking simple questions like “What do you like most about working here; or What could we do different to make this an even better place to work?”

The important thing is to make employee engagement an ongoing project, set goals and clear objectives, make it fun and engaging, and monitor your progress regularly to see what’s working.


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