How engaged are your employees?  We may think that our workforce is highly motivated and ready for tomorrow’s challenges, but how do we really know?  An Employee Survey can help assess the level of engagement of your workforce and–more importantly–point to areas that are causing dissatisfaction and insights on how to fix them.

Employee Surveys—Our Approach

Our Employee Surveys are customized for each client so that we can focus on your specific issues.  With our customized approach, we can divide your workforce into as many subgroups as necessary to comprehensively and effectively evaluate your employee work climate. We can also lead focus groups as part of the survey process to dive deeper into understanding your employees’ needs, expectations, perspectives, and preferences.

To ensure the success of your employee survey experience, we will:

  • Meet with you to fully understand your needs and goals
  • Create a tailor-made survey making sure that we design the questions to best address your needs
  • Distribute the survey electronically or, if necessary, administer a paper version of the questions
  • Collect and analyze all of the completed survey data
  • Produce a comprehensive report that will show you the strengths of your organization and the key concerns of your employees, as well as provide recommendations on how to best deliver the results and create an action plan to address the key issues that have surfaced in the results

The other critical piece to ensuring the success of your employee survey experience is YOU. It is important that your company is committed to taking action based on the input of your employees and to define and communicate what that action will be. Your responses will need to be sincere and honest. Sometimes, action may include telling employees that some of their recommendations cannot be implemented because of certain factors (i.e., cost, time, resources). However, many times, there are seemingly small things that you can do to make a big and positive impact for your employees.

The first step to an engaged workforce starts with an Employee Survey.  Contact us today to get started!

We engaged Strategic HR to help us administer an employee survey.  They were wonderful and everything ran smoothly.  We even had employees that weren’t going to take the survey take it after hearing Strategic HR’s team share why they should.  We had a 96.8% response rate.  Thank you Strategic HR

Additional Information on Employee Surveys:

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