Developing Successful Training Programs


Why does training sometimes not succeed or produce the expected results?  How do I ensure our training programs will be beneficial and successful?


Successful training programs are an essential tool that organizations must have in place to help employees continue to grow and develop.  The type of training (in-house, on the job, out of house, etc.) depends on the specific need of the company and individuals being trained.  The true need is the key to the success of training. 

Before any type of training can be implemented, a needs assessment should be conducted to assess exactly what training is needed and why.  The U.S Office of Personnel Management explains: The needs assessment should address resources needed to fulfill organizational mission, improve productivity, and provide quality products and services.   Not every training will have this direct correlation; however, even professional growth opportunities have an indirect impact on an organization.

So, to develop successful training programs, a company needs to:

  • Begin by conducting a needs assessment.
  • Be able to tie the need for the training to the organization’s goals and objectives.
  • Obtain buy-in from management to support employees attending the training.
  • Provide effective communications to ensure employees understand the value of taking the time to attend the program.

Delivery of the training must be highly interactive and have some connection on how it can be used in the workplace. Once a program has been delivered, the training still cannot be measured for success until you determine if employees are indeed applying what they learned. All of these factors are needed for a training to succeed.

Remember, measure the value of your training from a cost benefit perspective and your return on investment. Keep in mind the cost of training can also include the cost of NOT training.

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