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Inappropriate Employee Behavior Outside of Work: What Can I Do?

Question: Employees have come to me upset because a group of employees got “a little crazy” at a recent industry conference.  The employees complaining shared that they felt like it made the company look bad since they had name tags on that included the company name.  What can I do about this?  Can I talk […]


LinkedIn Coach

PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL LINKEDIN COACHING AND CONSULTING Customized to your needs and time-frame. Coaching could include coaching, training, marketing initiatives, lead generation, copy writing (specializing in Summary Statements) with focus on personal branding and creating an optimized LinkedIn profile for search engines. Private LinkedIn Coaching at $145 per hour   LINKEDIN PROFILE REVIEW Our LinkedIn Coach will: review […]


Click Agreement

STRATEGIC HR, INC. SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE (SAAS) CLICKWRAP AGREEMENT The purpose of this Agreement (the “Agreement”) is to set forth and define an arrangement under which Company will provide Software as a Service (“SAAS” or “Service”) for the benefit of the Customer. As a service, the standard SAAS Agreement with Company is provided below. […]


Social Media for Internal Communications

Question: Social media is everywhere and a part of everyone’s lives.  Is it a good idea to use social media as part of the company’s communication program for employees? Answer: Absolutely!  Whether it is used as an internal blog or forum, livecasting, or even video sharing – using social media for internal communications has a […]


Outsourced Human Resources Support

strategic HR, inc. can give you all the benefits of having a Human Resources professional dedicated to helping your company in all of its HR needs without having to create a new position within your company. Many companies today find outsourcing to be a beneficial and cost saving alternative. Having an expert help you with […]


Creating A Communications Plan

Question: What should go into a communications plan and why do we need one? Answer: Although it may seem like a daunting task, a well-defined communications plan is definitely worth the effort. A written communications plan will give your day-to-day work a focus, help set priorities, provide a sense of order and control, protect against […]



To share the resources that we have developed or obtained through the Internet, below is a list of web sites you may want to visit. Hopefully, you will find these resources as helpful as we have. If you know of any additional web sites that we should add to this list, just click here and share the […]


HR Tools

Human resource departments have many different aspects that can be forgotten or become unbearable if they are not well organized and well constructed. Strategic Human Resources, Inc. can help to make sure that your human resource department is functioning at its best and most efficient. We can help by evaluating current high value-added human resources […]


Interim or Contract Support

Strategic Human Resources, Inc. can assist you during those chaotic months when your workload is equal to three FTEs (full time equivalents) and you only have one. We can help alleviate your stress by reducing your workload. Whether it is a big project that requires an extra hand, the need to replace a staff member […]


Applicant Follow Up

Question: When I post a job, I get 400 applicants…Do I really need to follow up with every person who applied for the job? Answer: Well, you could just ignore them. Talk with the applicable ones, select your candidates and choose your new hire – DONE. But you may just have alienated 399 potential customers. […]


Six Sigma: Achieving Near Perfection

by Debbie Hatke, MA, SPHR What does it mean to achieve perfection? The oldest definition, as written by Aristotle, defined perfection as that which is complete, that which is so good that nothing could be better, and that which has attained its purpose. Aristotle’s definition provides three different flavors of perfection, but all pretty much […]


Diversity Efforts Can Support Business Imperitives

by Linda Gravett, PhD, SPHR It’s no secret that in today’s global marketplace, competition is keen and the skills, knowledge and abilities required to keep up with, let alone lead, the competition are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Supplier relationships are often spread across the globe and can become very complex, given language and cultural barriers. The […]


Creative Communication

Like many employers, we often hear from our employees that we don’t communicate enough. What are some creative ways we can communicate effectively with our employees?


Creating a Communication Plan

We are getting ready to roll out a new employee handbook and I’ve been asked to create a Communication Plan. I’m not a marketer, what does such a plan entail?


Group Interviewing

Our Marketing Director is hiring a new Marketing Manager. As part of the interviewing process they have all of the marketing staff involved in the interview process. The staff seems a little reluctant. Is this format a good idea?