Headshot Photo of Anne EnglandAnne is a Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant with Strategic HR Business Advisors. She enjoys helping both clients and candidates to find the best fit for a successful outcome. Anne’s compassion for others, excellent communication skills, and collaborative nature have been the cornerstones of her success in recruitment and building strong, lasting client relationships.

Anne has 20 years of both HR and recruiting experience with a Fortune 500 company in the insurance industry. Leveraging her HR experience working directly with the underwriting, sales and marketing, and finance/accounting departments, she successfully collaborated with company leadership to align HR talent strategies to corporate objectives.

Anne is a creative problem solver who takes initiative to solve challenges as they arise. Seeing a need to expand her company’s talent acquisition efforts amidst a talent shortage, Anne partnered with several local high schools to create a high school co-op program that matched students with valuable corporate work experience and opened up a pipeline for new, untapped talent for the company.

Being the go-getter that she is, Anne started her corporate career with a Fortune 500 company even before her graduation from Winton Woods High School. For several years, she continued to shape and grow a successful recruiting career that ultimately led her to strategic HR!

Outside of work, Anne enjoys being outdoors and spending time with her daughters, family, and friends!

If you have any questions for Anne or would like to contact her directly, please email her at amengland@strategichrinc.com.