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Practice Questions – Strategic Management

NOTE: The answers to these questions are provided at the end of the page. 1. The four stages in the life cycles of a business are: Recruiting, hiring, promotion, evaluation Introduction, growth, maturity, decline Job analysis, job design, description, job evaluation Planning, implementing, evaluating, revision 2. The job characteristics model includes: Implementation, attitude surveys, responses, […]


Performance Management: The Individual Strategic Plan

by Robin Throckmorton, MA, SPHR Performance management has become an ever-increasing critical tool to success for businesses. Within the last year we have experienced both a booming economy as well as a recession; a historically low unemployment rate combined with massive layoffs and business closings. But the bottom line to all of this is people! […]


Talent Management: Changing the Role of Recruiting

Question: My boss is interested in me moving into a “Talent Management” role.  I’m a bit embarrassed to ask what that exactly means.  What would I be doing?  Recruiting? Answer: In today’s competitive world for attracting employees, the old “recruiting” role in many organizations has expanded beyond the traditional “place an ad, interview, and hire”.  […]


Press Release – strategic HR, inc. named Woman Owned Business of the Year 2015

Cincinnati, Ohio December 4, 2015 strategic HR, inc. Named Woman Owned Business of the Year 2015 Nearly 700 attendees were at the Hyatt Regency Cincinnati to celebrate and recognize the most inspiring, insightful and influential women from corporate, non-profit and entrepreneurial Robin Throckmorton, President of strategic HR inc., was named Woman Owned Business of the Year at the […]


PRESS RELEASE – Celebrating X3 for strategic HR, inc.

Cincinnati Ohio November 11, 2015   Celebrating X3 for Cincinnati based strategic HR, inc. Local HR firm earns trifecta honor strategic HR, inc. has been named a finalist for the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber’s 10th Annual WE Celebrate Award in the Woman-Owned Business category.  WE Celebrate Award honors women and women-owned businesses for their achievement, innovation, social […]


HR Working as a Strategic Partner

Question: What are some effective ways for HR to become a strategic partner in an organization? Answer: Traditionally, Human Resources have served two major roles.  The first is administration. This is primarily centered on processing, recordkeeping, maintaining employee files, etc.  The second is business partner, which mainly supports and helps to maintain the company’s business […]


Is This a Solution to Help You Become More Strategic?

by Robin Throckmorton, MA, SPHR “Business changes come as waves gathering shape, gaining energy and momentum, then crash across the companies that find themselves in their path. Those companies that anticipate and respond quickly to these waves of change can often rise with the tide; those that don’t are often crushed on impact.”  – Michael […]


Strategic Planning…Goal Setting…Are You Still on Track?

by Robin Throckmorton, MA, SPHR Do you remember how much time and energy you put into setting goals for yourself and/or your business earlier this year? Do you even remember what those goals were? What actions have you taken toward accomplishing them? Each year, January 1 is a milestone that forces me to establish both […]


HRCI Overview

The Human Resource Certification is the symbol of professional achievement. Beyond experience and education, the PHR or SPHR designation signifies that you have mastered the HR body of knowledge. The Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI®) maintains the nationally recognized standards set by individuals working in the profession. Currently, there are over 40,000 certified individuals. The […]


Are Electronic Pay Stubs Against the Law?

Question:  Our employees are upset because we just went to all electronic pay stubs.  One employee came and threatened me that it was against the law.  Is this true? How should I handle this outrage for something that seems so simple? Answer: I know it may seem simple but any changes to employees pay (even when it […]


Should e-cigarettes Be Included In Your Policy?

Question: Our new employee has been puffing on an e-cigarette while working in the shop.  We have a no smoking policy, does that apply?  What do we do? Answer: While e-cigarettes do not technically produce smoke, they do produce a vapor that has chemicals including nicotine. From a distance, it is actually difficult to tell if an […]


Inappropriate Employee Behavior Outside of Work: What Can I Do?

Question: Employees have come to me upset because a group of employees got “a little crazy” at a recent industry conference.  The employees complaining shared that they felt like it made the company look bad since they had name tags on that included the company name.  What can I do about this?  Can I talk […]


Improving the Flow of Communication

Question: Until recently I thought we did a good job of communicating with our employees, but now I’m getting blind-sided with issues that I had no idea were brewing and it is obviously affecting productivity. How can I improve the flow of communication? Answer: As you have learned, the role of communication in the workplace […]


Importance of Succession Plans

Question: Are succession plans really essential in the workplace? Answer:  ABSOLUTELY!  Regardless of how “formal” your plan is, succession planning is essential!  These plans or even identifiers allow organizations to establish the groundwork for the training and development of potential successors in the organization for roles left open due to retirement or attrition.  Effective use […]


Making A Drug Free Workplace Exception

Question: We recently acquired a company. We are a drug free workplace and conducted drug screens across the entire workforce for the new company. One employee did not pass, however, he was a top performer and highly recommended by the management of the company we acquired. Our policy does say failure to pass the drug […]


Leader vs. Manager

Question: What is the difference between a Leader and a Manager? Answer: According to Peter Drucker, “Management is doing things right; Leadership is doing things the right way”. For an organization to achieve strong results, both leadership and management need to be present. Management allows for leadership, and leadership invites development as people stretch toward […]


Preventing A Hostile Environment

Question: We’re hearing a lot about hostile work environments and bullying. What can we do to prevent a hostile work environment and harassment claims? Answer: Recent court decisions illustrate the need for employers to elevate all types of harassment to the list of important workplace issues. It is virtually impossible for employers to monitor or […]


Starting An Employee Newsletter

Question: My CEO would like HR to publish an employee newsletter. What should I include in the newsletter? Answer: The first question I would ask is ‘what is the purpose of the newsletter?’ Why does your CEO think a newsletter is needed and what is the goal? You will select topics and include articles that […]


Outsourced HR Solution

What is Outsourced HR? Our Outsourced solution allows you to do what you do best while we do what we do best – human resources. We can give you back the time you need to focus on revenue generating tasks while we handle the day-to-day human resources function. Many companies today find outsourcing to be […]


HR Certification

Question: I am very confused about the changes announced by SHRM and HRCI regarding HR certification. Can you shed any light on what the changes are expected to be? Answer: The first thing to note is that HRCI testing will run as usual for now as the certification changes are planned to take place in […]


Practice Questions – Workplace Planning & Employment

NOTE: The answers to these questions are provided at the end of the page. 1. Affirmative Actions Plans are defined as:  Part of EEOC requirements Written plans for recruiting and hiring minorities and females Staffing plans for use with government contracts Quota systems 2. Employment-at-will involves:  An agreement by both parties to an employment contract […]