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What are the Essentials of a Good Employee Relations Campaign?


We all hear that good employee relations is essential but what does that really mean? How do I know that our company is doing a good job?


Well, the biggest focus employers should have with employee relations is to make sure you have actually thought through an employee relations strategy and “have a plan”. No, it doesn’t have to be incredibly formal but it should be at least thought through with intentional actions and not just “winging it”.  

B2C’s article Why Strong Employee/Employer Relationship is Important and How to Achieve This?  notes that having a good employee relations campaign reaps a lot of benefits for your business. The three most advantageous are Productivity, Employee Loyalty, and Conflict Reduction.

A good employee relations strategy focuses on:

  • Creating a positive culture, and
  • Everything you have to do to make that happen.

A good strategy isn’t:

  • JUST about communication.  
  • JUST about being the most flexible.  
  • JUST about paying the most.  

Rather, it is a collection of actions contributing to a culture that it is ideal. Companies with a good employee relations philosophy, focus less on managing complaints and more on determining the root cause of issues. Work backwards from the problem and try to find where issues are stemming from and work with employees to solve that problem.  

As a lead in HR you should be keeping some type of track of complaints from employees to allow you to look for trends such as:

  • What do you keep seeing surface?
  • Is it attendance related?
  • Is it pointing toward one department?  
  • Is it a communication issue surrounding a policy?  

Look beyond the complaint and looks towards trends and issues that are causing the complaints. Using this root cause analysis and address those issues will result in less complaints needing investigated in the long run. Use your metrics and keep track of your success. You are bound to see a reduced number of complaints and a quicker time to resolve those complaints.


Having good employee relations is key to effectively managing (and retaining) your workforce. Employees want to feel valued and may not perform up to standards, or stick around very long, if they don’t feel they are needed. Strategic HR, inc. understands the value of your workforce and having good Employee Relations. We’ve helped companies create reward and recognition programs and have coached managers on providing support and mentoring to their employees. Learn how we can help you with your Employee Relations needs by visiting our Employee Relations page.