Recruiting Trends in 2020


It’s that time of year again – everyone is looking ahead to the next year and wondering what’s coming next. Are there any trends that I should look out for?


It’s no secret that the end of the year brings about predictions, resolutions, and fresh budgets. Here are some of the on-going trends in recruiting that don’t seem to be disappearing any time soon.

Seeking Softer Skills

“Soft skills” has been a buzzword for 2019, as companies are beginning to implement and rely upon pre-employment assessments to understand a candidate’s potential fit in their organization.  Softer skills go beyond being able to gracefully navigate a difficult conversation or knowing when to follow up with a lead – softer skills include problem solving, creativity, adaptability, and collaboration. All relevant skills crucial to making your way through a career with success.

LinkedIn’s Head of Recruiting spoke to the need for talent assessments earlier in 2019 when he said “… if you’re not identifying, attracting, recruiting, and assessing for this type of skill, my strong advice is start doing it today.”

Embracing Pay Transparency

Based on a LinkedIn survey, the market has seen a 63% increase in the demand for recruiting services and professionals since 2016. This means that the playing field has only increased in its competitive atmosphere, its demand for high-performing talent, and its need for efficient and transparent communication.

Some sites, such as ZipRecruiter and Indeed, boast a percent increase in the number of views and applications a position can receive if salary information is included. In a tight market, it makes sense that more and more employers are including those numbers in their posts to attract the right talent. And if they don’t share those numbers, almost half of Millennials will do so with their friends anyway.

Prepping Your Pipeline

If your recruiting team hasn’t already begun this practice, this is the time to kick off proactive recruitment.  Building up your talent pool early, and looping in your colleagues and connection in the process, can help save you time and money when working in a market that’s short on talent and skill. If you think this is long gone, brought this up twice in their predictions for 2020.

Consider focusing more on internal recruitment and promotions, horizontal or vertical moves, or even networking early to keep potential candidates in mind! You never know – that IT Consultant could have a darn good eye for technical copywriting.

Build up the team in front of you.

Economists predict that we could be heading into a potential recession within the next few years. This means non-essential positions could be eliminated, teams reduced, and hiring practices slowing down. None of these are for sure, but there may very well be a focus on preparing for such a state, should it arise.

A potential recession will require you to evaluate the strengths of your team. This means understanding who your high performers are, who could use coaching or assistance, and who is no longer a fit. Once those classifications have been assigned, it’s time to plan for any contingencies. ERE has pointed two keys in this situation:

  1. Keep your high performers happy. This might mean assessing your team further to find positions they’re better suited for, or making sure to openly communicate what their path should hold with the company. This might cut recruiting and onboarding costs, should you be able to keep your players in the game.
  2. Be prepared to jump on the right talent at the right time. If other companies are experiencing a similar economic situation, then strong talent may unexpectedly find its way into the job market. A slower hiring process can lead to losing out on top talent.

In this candidate-driven market, it’s imperative to be sure you are creating a positive recruiting experience. With an emphasis on candidate experience (both during the recruitment process and beyond), it’s up to you and your recruiting team to make sure your company is a number one choice for candidates.

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