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Sponsorship Not Available


Our company is not able to provide sponsorship to candidates wanting to work legally in the United States and needing an H1-B Visa. How do we word this on our employment ads to avoid problems?


With the proliferation of social media and recruitment being conducted online, job ads that are posted on the Internet can attract candidates that do not reside in the United States. For some companies, particularly small ones, it can be a financial hardship for a company to sponsor or transfer an H-1B Visa for employees who require an employment Visa to work legally in the U.S. We were advised by an attorney to use the following language:

“Applicants must be authorized to work for ANY employer in the US. We are unable to sponsor or take over sponsorship of employment Visa at this time.”

Recruitment isn’t just a matter of finding and hiring the right person. There are scores of regulations that must be adhered to or you risk fines or penalties. Strategic HR, inc. specializing in helping companies find, hire and retain a talented workforce while keeping an organization compliant. Visit our Recruitment page to learn how we can help you hire safely.