Effective management development programs have at the core some type of feedback mechanism that gives individuals insight on how effectively they are managing their subordinates and well as their key relationships with their various constituencies – boss, peers, customers, etc.

A multi-rater feedback system (also called a 360° Feedback) provides individuals with insight about the effect of their actions on others in the workplace.   Multi-rater feedback gives context rich insight on how others see the individual from various roles in the organization.   When properly used 360° evaluations can provide some extremely valuable feedback for a manager – often giving insights into the “blind spots” that can derail a high potential employee.

We are certified in numerous 360° instruments, and can help you set up either a comprehensive program for your management team or give specific individuals feedback on their performance and opportunities for growth.  Call us today and let us show you how a multi-rater program can great enhance your management development initiatives.