How Can I Incorporate Career Development Into the Job?


My employee asked about incorporating career development into their job. How can I do that?


Aligning an employee’s career goals with the organizations can increase employee engagement and also help the organization achieve its goals as well. First, determine what the employee wants to achieve.  Assess his or her current skills and strengths. Then, check to see if your organization has a professional development budget (i.e. tuition reimbursement).  If there is not a budget, you can support your employee’s career development in various cost effective ways such as cross-training, mentoring, training webinars, and in-service training just to name a few.  Have your employee invest in taking the StrengthsFinder assessment ( to access how to incorporate their top 5 strengths into their current position.  Encourage the employee to see the value of investing in their long-term development and create a plan that will be a win/win for the both of you.

A special thanks to Sherry Sims with Black Career Women’s Network for sharing her insight and expertise.

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