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How To Turn Reactive Solutions Into Necessary Change

Last Updated on November 2, 2022 / HR Strategy


I get complaints at times that I am too reactive to situations and that I need to be more strategic in my thinking.  I feel like reactivity is necessary, in my job.  Who is right?


Well, you both are right.  In human resources, we are required to react in many situations that arise…every single day.  In fact, our handling of those situations is what others expect from us and doing it well is how we become a respected and admired member of the team. There is a difference, however, between being reactive and making decisions off the cuff and being reactive but using our knowledge of the organization, culture, and situation to come up with a solution. 

Using our knowledge and experience, we can actually make a difference with those incidents and ensure those “reactions” are very well thought through solutions that we can turn into opportunities.  In many instances, these events provide us a moment in time to advance a business case for something we were trying to get accomplished…a “strategic initiative”, if you will.  These moments provide the best opportunity to move forward and change something that was in need of change.  Experienced HR folks are able to link the reactive solutions to a justification for change in the future. 

So, reactivity is not necessarily good but it is many times necessary.  The key to success is knowing that your reactions are well thought through and that you take the advantage to further a cause in need of change.


HR Strategy isn’t always about planning for the future. Sometimes it means responding to current issues and making sure they fit with the mission, vision or goals of the company. That can be difficult to do if you are uncertain of your strategy. If you don’t have a clearly defined corporate or HR strategy or need help tying that to your mission and vision we can help. Visit our HR Strategy page to learn more about how Strategic HR can help you meet your goals.