Has Trump’s Administration Changed ACA Compliance?


With regards to the new presidential administration and ACA compliance, is it still necessary to provide the ACA forms to our employees or should we wait and see what happens and if the legislation is repealed?


No, you definitely should not wait!  You will be out of compliance.  

Regardless of what is going to happen (repeal or not) the ACA compliance regulations are still in place TODAY.  So, employers must continue to ‘play by the rules’ until a legal ruling is in place.

The bottomline is to keep doing what you were doing.  

If you haven’t completed the forms yet, the good news is that the IRS actually extended the deadline for employers to furnish the 1095-B and 1095-C forms for 2016.  

  • Typically they are due on January 31.  The deadline has been extended until March 2, 2017 to get those forms out.  Not a lot of time but an extension is an extension.  

It is important to note that even though the dates to furnish these forms has been extended, the deadline for the 1094-B and 1094-C are still due March 31, 2017 (electronic filers) and February 28 (paper filers).  These documents are generally required by employers with 50+ employees, but check out the requirements to make sure you do (or do not) have to comply.

Recordkeeping is one of the more mundane tasks associated with Human Resources, but is extremely important and can get you into hot water if not done properly. Keeping appropriate recruiting and hiring documentation is vital to proving, if needed, your employment processes are compliant.  Strategic HR, inc. has a great online tool that’s affordable, easily downloaded and ready for immediate use.  Our Recordkeeping desktop reference has everything you need to see at-a-glance recordkeeping requirements mandated by law.  Visit our Desktop Reference page to learn more.