Are your training programs “all talk and no action”?  Do participants enjoy the time away from work, but struggle to put the new training to use?  Or does your training teach non-relevant skills that are “nice to have” but are never really utilized?  Then you need to talk to us about our Training Analysis program.

At the root of all effective training is a clear set of learning objectives that are linked back to business strategy or business needs.  Learning objectives also assure that your training is gearing the right skill sets to the right employees and gives you a basis for post-training evaluation – did you accomplish what you set out to do?  Our Training Analysis will evaluate your training’s learning objectives and also assess if the training is actually delivering to the bottom line of your business.  By using a four step evaluation process, we can help you fine tune your program and actually help you measure the ROI of your training dollars.  Don’t waste any more money on unsuccessful training – let us help you evaluate your training approaches.