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Things to Consider When Recruiting Students from a University or College


With graduation right around the corner, it prompted conversation on our team about filling our entry level positions with new graduates. I heard there may be more hoops to jump through than I thought. What do I need to consider when recruiting students from a college campus?


Great question! If you’re planning on recruiting students from a college campus, here are some things to consider:

  1. A great place to start is college career fairs. The first piece of advice is register early. Many career fairs will fill up quickly, and there are companies both locally and nationally that are recruiting for the same talent. 
  2. It’s not as simple as walking onto campus and passing out business cards with free stress balls. Be aware of employer guidelines and regulations. Many universities will have a Code of Conduct built in for any employer that recruits on their campus. Prepare yourself by reading up on the guidelines to leave you and your company in good standing. Check out Ohio State University Employer Policies for an example.
  3. Maybe the career fair isn’t a fit for you, and you would like to extend a full-time offer to your existing summer intern. Great! Now, consider the school’s recruiting calendar. Many schools will not allow you to extend an offer with a deadline that is before the academic year starts. In fact, many local schools, including Miami University, do not allow you to extend an offer that ends before a certain date. Check out some of their regulations below:
    • “Converting Internships to full-time positions – Offer to remain open until October 15th or 3 weeks from receipt of written offer, whichever is longer.”
    • “Full-time or Internship offers during Fall Recruiting – Offer to remain open until October 31st or 3 weeks from receipt of written offer, whichever is longer.”
    • “Full-time or Internship offers during Spring Recruiting – Offer to remain open until February 28th or 3 weeks from receipt of written offer, whichever is longer.”
    • Note: these offer/acceptance guidelines are not just for Miami University. In fact, check out the Career Center Policies and Guidelines for Employers at UC Berkley! See any similarities?
  4. Employers: Make sure that you fully understand the rules and regulations of each university that you plan to recruit at, and that you abide by them. Maintain a good standing (or even better, strong relationship) with the university. Good standing with the university means good standing with professors. And good standing with professors means free marketing when they begin to talk you up in class. Free marketing means that suddenly you’re the coolest kid on campus, free stress balls or not.
  5. Students: Know your rights! You may already be swamped between your research on potential employers, that exam you definitely haven’t studied for, and the additional pressures of being a college student soon to be unleashed on the world. Take some additional time to make sure that YOU’RE aware of the rules and regulations that your university has placed upon your potential employers. Don’t be caught by “explosive offers” that fall outside of the guidelines or code of conduct. You have a right to consider any and all offers that may be made available to you.

Plus, don’t forget, if you are employing an intern, you need to follow the FLSA regulations regarding whether you have to pay the intern or not.  Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to get in contact with the university! They’ll provide you with the guidance necessary for a successful effort when recruiting students.


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