Strategic HR is Selected in Top 10 Best Human Resources Companies!

We are honored to be chosen among the 2020-2021 Best Human Resources Companies by AGS, a global news media and digital publishing institution that provides worldwide content, rankings, and independent reviews of top firms and practices across different industries and sectors.

AGS explains as companies begin to grow, human resources management becomes a larger need. If HR isn’t handled well, it leads to high employee turnover, lack of staff development, and time-consuming work when it comes to payroll and benefits administration.

Many companies choose to work with top HR outsourcing companies, like Strategic HR, to handle all those tasks for them, saving them considerable time and money.

Best Human Resources Companies 2020-2021 Award Seal - AGS

AGS Review on Strategic HR

Strategic HR is based in Cincinnati, OH and has been providing expert HR solutions since 1995. The firm works with organizations of all sizes and has been a leader in the HR management industry for decades.

For a full range of holistic HR services, Strategic HR is one of the top HR companies to consider.  Its experienced team works fluidly to support companies with lean or no HR departments. This firm provides affordable solutions and offers companies a way to add necessary HR functions without adding to their headcount.

Its wide range of educational resources and recruitment services add to the value that companies will find when working with Strategic HR

With a highly experienced team and fully integrated HR solutions, Strategic HR is one of the best human resources companies to consider and scores a 5-star rating.

Key Factors Why Strategic HR Ranks as Top Human Resources Company

Full Range of HR Services

You’ll find that this is one of the top online HR companies that offers just about any human resources activity you could need. Strategic HR understands that HR is multifaceted, and all parts need to work together to make an organization strong.

If you’re looking for top HR companies that offer sample projects to review to get an idea of how they work, you’ll have plenty to review with this one. They offer them in all key HR areas.

Some of the many functions offered by these top-rated HR providers include:

  • HR Strategy
  • Training & development
  • Benefits & compensation
  • Recruitment
  • Communications
  • Employee relations
  • Legal compliance & recordkeeping
  • Health, safety & security

e-Learning Resources

Strategic HR is one of the best human resources companies to consider if you need help with employee training. The firm offers a wide range of engaging e-learning solutions designed to develop employee skills.

These top-rated HR providers offer multiple training courses that companies can purchase online. They also host a virtual HR webinar each month that goes over a wide range of human resources and recruiting topics.

Some of the many training topics that you’ll find available at this HR company include:

  • Business skills
  • Leadership & management
  • HR compliance
  • Sales & service
  • Industry-specific training
  • Software
  • Information technology
  • Workplace safety

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