Keeping I-9 Forms


After hearing you speak about appropriate recordkeeping, I’m taking your advice and purging some of my employment records. How long should I keep an I-9 form?


An employer must keep the original Form I-9 for all current employees for as long as they are employed. After an employee terminates employment the original Form I-9 must be on file for EITHER: three (3) years after the date of hire or one (1) year after employment is terminated – WHICHEVER IS LATER. So, for example, if an employee is terminated after only 6 weeks on the job, their Form I-9 must be kept for three years after the hire date. If an employee terminates after 5 years of employment, their Form I-9 must be kept for one year after the date of termination.

Here’s an easy way to calculate the date of retention:

  • Date A: Add 3 years to the date of hire
  • Date B: Add 1 year to the date of termination

Using the above calculations, use the later of the two dates as the retention date.

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