Health, Safety & Security

Multicolored wheel divided into 7 equal sections Recruitment, Training and Development, Benifits and Compensation, Communicating, Employee Relations, Recordkeeping, and Health safety and security with Legal compliance written on the outer edge and company strategy in the center health safety and security is emphasized

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Whether your company is a manufacturing facility or an office environment, you want to provide a healthy, safe, and secure environment for your employees, customers, and vendors.  At strategic HR, inc., we can assist you in minimizing your workplace safety risks and ensure you’re in compliance with OSHA standards.

strategic HR, inc. values Health, Safety and Security and can assist you by:

  • Implementing and enhancing employee wellness programs
  • Providing resources to ensure recordkeeping compliance, including OSHA forms, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Analyzing and developing a formal safety program
  • Formulating processes and procedures to address illegal substances and workplace violence.
  • Assisting your organization with Emergency Preparedness and procedures for Continuity of Operations.

Free Resource:

Train your workforce with OSHA Compliant HIPAA Training videos