Ensuring Safety in the Workplace

Last Updated on November 22, 2022 / Health, Safety & Security


We seem to be experiencing a flare up in minor workplace accidents. What are some steps we can take to raise safety awareness and reduce the number of incidents?


The most important thing to do is to look around and see what you are doing and determine what has changed in the recent past to cause this flare up. Sometimes the cause is easy to identify, but many times not. Overall, there are a number of things employers can get involved in to ensure their organization moves toward a ‘safety culture’, one where safety is valued and resulting in an improved safety record.

  • Create a safety culture from the top down. Safety should be discussed  at the very beginning of employment from recruitment to job descriptions to background checks and reference checks. Start talking safety early and always in your workplace.
  • Be sure your employees know they are partners with the organization in the safety effort. Safety is NOT just for the employer to do. It must be a team effort with cooperation of the employees and employer to be successful.
  • Create involved safety programs to involve employees in that effort.
    • Create safety committees that are employee based.
    • Make safety training a priority in your organization and talk about it (even if briefly) in all meetings.
  • Investigate all accidents and near misses in your organization to determine their cause and to avoid future accidents.
  • Conduct self audits. Have employee teams do audits on different areas of the workplace to review for hazardous conditions.
  • Recognize and reward the safety successes.

These types of activities will ensure a safety culture and ultimately improve the safety record of your organization.

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