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What Is A Safety Audit


My manager is concerned about our company’s ability to pass a safety inspection and wants us to do an audit. What is a safety audit?


Safety audits (known more formally as health and safety audits) provide an in-depth review of workplace safety programs and are conducted for the purpose of health , safety, and fire hazard identification. Audits assess a company’s compliance to applicable regulations or codes as well as the identification of unsafe conditions in the workplace. Audits also provide an evaluation of workplace adherence to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards relating to workplace and worker safety. There are also DOT regulations that need to be met if they apply to your company’s line of work. Keep in mind that safety audits are meant to check the effectiveness of various programs, but they do not take the place of regular facility inspections, which should be done on a much more frequent basis as facility rules dictate.

When conducting a safety (or OSHA) audit there are two things to evaluate: compliance and safety. When reviewing compliance it is important to evaluate how the company handles conformance to the prescribed codes or standards, recordkeeping and training of employees. When assessing safety, the objective is to identify unsafe work conditions, rather than unsafe acts or behaviors.

There is no “one size fits all” approach to health and safety audits. Audits must be customized to the type of industry, size of the company or location being audited, applicable local, state and federal laws and any other company specific factors that might affect the safety and health of your workforce.

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