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Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Divisions Email Service


At a recent HR meeting we were encouraged to sign up for the Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Divisions email service. Why would we want to do this?


The DOL provides the opportunity to receive free e-mail notices when new information is available on the website that includes over 100 different topics, in 17 categories, including Wage and Hour. The website allows users to select notifications relevant to their interests.

As all HR professionals know, one of the challenges we face is keeping current on legislative changes, findings, and interpretations. Often the communications are sent in the form of opinion letters, or interpretations of the rules, by various DOL officials as they address issues brought up by other companies. These opinion letters do not provide legal guidance in administering DOL rules, but use court decisions as the basis for the opinion. They provide insight into how the officials think about a particular section of regulation or statue and sometimes even mirror some of the issues you may have at your worksite.  In a climate where legislative changes seem to be occurring daily, receiving a regular “heads-up” can only help our efforts to stay on top of it all.

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