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Company Communications


How can I increase communication and interaction within my organization?


Highly effective companies tend to use social media for communication with their employees. While this is not a tool for every company, social media can be an effective and inexpensive way to keep employees informed and to maintain a steady flow of information among departments and other locations. Companies with well informed employees tend to have higher productivity and more engaged employees.

To make social media a success for your company you will need to have policies in place to govern the use of it and create a way to measure success. Many companies can’t figure out how to measure social media or determine its cost effectiveness. This is not surprising since it is difficult to determine a measurable cost savings. When measuring social media you will need to create a strategy for how you plan to use it and what goals you are hoping to achieve. Your measure of success will depend on whether specific goals are met; not a dollar savings.

Social media is very effective for sharing and obtaining feedback, networking, collaboration between teams or departments, and publishing or sharing communication pieces. Some companies are even utilizing the gaming aspect of social media to help communicate or educate employees on topics, such as wellness initiatives, via texting games.

Keep in mind if you decide to utilize social media with your employees, it takes time to adopt certain forms of media. Younger employees who likely already use social media for personal use may grasp it quickly while older employees may have more difficulty embracing the tools. Whatever you do be patient while employees figure out the best uses for social media in the workplace. Give them some time to embrace it and then see what creative ideas they have for using it.

Are you frustrated by complaints that you don’t provide enough communication, even though you feel you are sharing more than enough? Communicating with your workforce can seem be tough – factor in multiple shifts, various locations, off-site employees and a multi-generational workforce and you quickly learn that providing adequate communication to everyone you employ isn’t so easy. Strategic HR, inc. has years of experience formulating communications for a variety of situations. Visit our Communications page to learn how we can assist you with your tough communication problems.