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Accidents in the Workplace


We seem to be experiencing a flare up in minor workplace accidents. What are some steps we can take to raise safety awareness and reduce the number of incidents?


It happens to many organizations…it is easy to take safety for granted and that is when the bottom falls out and accidents start to rear their ugly head. With a recent outbreak of accidents, be sure you are doing a complete accident investigation and determine if there are any trends in the accidents that are occurring. The accidents may have the same root cause which you can nip quickly and effectively. In addition to the actual accident review, the best recommendation is to GET YOUR TEAM INVOLVED! You can’t maintain a safe environment alone. A great way to ‘revive’ the safety culture is to get others active in the process. Those involved will become engaged and energized in helping you and perhaps even drive safety activities and suggestions. Use your safety team to review current safety policies, create new safety programs and training, and come up with new safety incentives and recognition awards. This team could also conduct safety audits as well as review current training programs to identify what doesn’t “work” or identify things that may not even be covered. When creating this new safety-focused team be sure to involve established employees as well as new hires. Newly hired employees are an especially important part of the team because they may bring ideas from other organizations AND they see things in the workplace through fresh eyes. What we become used to seeing every day, someone from the outside can see through. They may be more apt at picking out potential danger or safety concerns. In some cases allowing a fresh set of eyes review the situation may be all that is needed to create effective solutions.

Accidents happen! But they’re called accidents because they weren’t anticipated. Once the accident does occur it’s up to employers to make sure accidents don’t repeat themselves. Strategic HR has the tools and knowledge needed to help you break the cycle of accidents in the workplace. We offer expertise in everything from safety audits to writing safety manuals and procedures. For more information on how we can keep your employees safe please visit our Health, Safety & Security page.