Training for New Managers


It seems that when we promote a new manager there is so much for them to learn. The actual job duties are the least of it. How do you teach someone how to manage? It’s almost overwhelming! Can you offer some suggestions on topics that we should cover with a new manager?


Acclimating a new manager can be very challenging. However, don’t underestimate its importance. Your front line managers play a key role in so many aspects of what we do in HR and in running your business in general. Providing adequate training is an excellent way to start your new manager off on the right path to success.

Let’s start with compliance. It is critical that managers are trained on government compliance, as they are most likely the first point of contact with employees. They need to have at least a rudimentary understanding of Family Medical Leave, the Fair Labor Standards Act, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, and the Americans with Disability Act, for starters. Make sure they know what the red flags are and when they need to get HR involved. Managers also need to be aware of their own behaviors, and what can get them in trouble.

Beyond compliance, there are any number of topics that can help a new manager be effective. Suggestions include: Coaching and Counseling Employees, Motivating Employees, Performance Management; Documentation, and Interviewing to name a few.

So many employers don’t take the time to train their managers. Worse, they will promote a good employee, with no regard to whether they have the potential to be a good manager.  Training your managers is a worthwhile investment in time, money and resources, resulting in better productivity, positive morale, reduced liability, and a more effective workforce. Remember, employees rarely leave companies, they leave bad managers. Don’t let a bad manager wreak havoc in your organization.

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