Rating Employees On Safety

Last Updated on October 21, 2022 / Health, Safety & Security


How do we rate employees on safety?


Rating employees on safety starts by having an organization whose norms, beliefs, attitudes,and practices are concerned with minimizing exposure of employees to workplace hazards.Having an effective Safety Incentive Programs can definitely help and, although all are not alike,it is important to consider some of these basic elements:

  • Identify the objective – Determine why you want to establish the program. It could be to decrease workers’ compensation premiums by reducing the number of worker injuries, or your goal may simply be to reinforce general safety principles.
  • Select participants – Decide which employees need to participate in the program to achieve the long-term goal.
  • Establish a theme – Having a focus reminds participants of the goal you want your employees to achieve.
  • Select appropriate prizes with increasing value – Prizes don’t have to be expensive, but they should have meaning. Prizes that reinforce the contest theme can be very effective; for example, safety glasses, work shoes, hard hats, etc. Give prizes based upon the company’s safety record (i.e., 1,000 accident free days, 50,000 hours worked without lost-time accident, etc.).
  • Determine the program’s length – It should be intermittent and last for a specified period of time. If carrying out a program idea will require a prolonged period, you might consider having several short contests. This will maintain employee interest and allow managers to stress various safety issues.
  • Communicate the goal – It is important that the program is fun and relevant to the work experience of all participating employees. Also, make recognition for working safely more significant than the value of the prize.

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