strategic HR inc. is available to assist you with an Interim HR Solution during those chaotic months when your workload is equal to three FTEs (full-time equivalents) and you only have one. We will help alleviate your stress by reducing your workload. Whether it is a big project that requires an extra hand, the need to replace a staff member absent due to medical leave, or for help needed during a period of transition, we will place one of our highly skilled professionals with your company to support your company needs on an interim basis.

Sample Interim HR Solutions:

  • Contract Recruiter
  • Interim HR Manager / Director
  • Contract HR Generalist
  • HR Project Specialist

Having one of our professionals work with you and your company allows for work to continue as normal with few, if any, bumps in the road. This interim HR expert can take on the role of one of your HR employees, manage a specific project, or help transition your employees into their new roles without any additional stress. We will be that extra employee that the budget didn’t anticipate, but for a few weeks or months at a time.

“We are very pleased with the professionalism, commitment and quality of work (of our interim solution). The assistance in our recruiting efforts has been extremely valuable.”
We have been very pleased working with the entire strategic HR inc. Team. strategic HR is very professional and has helped our company…in placing an HR person at The Verdin Company.
As Crescent Park was growing, we had the need for a interim recruiter. Patti was perfect for the role. She was very professional, hard working and needed no training. She quickly developed a rapport with our supervisors and had the open skilled-labor positions filled in no time. The positions were filled with qualified individuals that are still with us years later.”
My Company is a medium-sized Tier I Automotive Manufacturer headquartered in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. The Corporate HR Manager resigned rather suddenly and unexpectedly. The Company contacted Robin at strategic HR inc. in hopes that she might know of an experienced HR executive who might be willing to consult and serve as HR Manager until a suitable replacement could be recruited and hired. Within 24 hours, strategic HR inc. referred a candidate who was available and willing to take on this role. The Company’s President and CEO was well satisfied with strategic HR’s referral. In fact, within just a few months, the President and CEO convinced this consultant to accept an offer to take the position on a permanent, full time basis. All parties were well satisfied. I know—because that candidate was me. Thank you strategic HR inc.”