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Importance of the Careers Page and What Should Be Included


What should we include on our company Careers page to make sure we’re keeping up with the times?


You’re wise to have the quality of your company Careers page on your radar. This is a critical recruitment marketing tool to capture the attention of potential candidates. The content, look, and feel of your page must capture their attention fast in order to keep job seekers engaged and interested in applying. Otherwise, you lose them before they even apply. You’ll want to make sure that you seize the opportunity to showcase who you are, what you have to offer, and why job seekers would want to work at your organization.

Your Careers page should be designed to intrigue candidates to want to learn more; actively engage them with your content; and compel them to apply. There are many components that you can consider to optimize your Careers page, so here are some suggestions to get you started.

Nine Tips to Optimize Your Careers Page:

  1. Employer Branding: Your employer brand encompasses your mission, values, benefits/perks, and overall company culture. It can be viewed as your company’s reputation as an employer, which is a critical piece that job seekers want to understand. Although this is different than your company brand, your employer branding should be aligned with your company brand. We’ll touch upon some components of employer branding below, but to dive in further, check out this LinkedIn article, “What Is Employer Branding and How Can It Grow Your Business? 
  1. Mission and Values: By incorporating your company’s mission and values on your Careers page, candidates can connect to your company’s purpose. It helps them to understand what’s important to your organization. A great way to showcase this can be through testimonials from your employees sharing how your values come to life in your workplace. This presents a good opportunity to ensure that you are indeed living the values that you profess for your company. 
  1. Benefits / Perks: It should be no surprise that job seekers want to know about the benefits and perks that you offer. This is a prime opportunity to market what you offer to your employees and tout why it’s great to work at your company. Check out strategic HR inc.’s Top 10 Employee Benefits of 2019.
  1. Company Culture: Your company culture is what makes your organization uniquely YOU. Candidates want to have a realistic picture of what it’s like to work at your company so they can assess if it feels like a good fit for them. A powerful way to communicate your culture can be through videos. Don’t worry- this doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking. Lighthouse research & advisory found “55% of active job seekers said employee-generated video would be more credible/trustworthy than company-produced video.” 
  1. Effective Application: If you capture the job seeker’s interest to the point where they’re ready to apply, make sure you don’t lose them in the application process! Many applications are too long, and with the number of current job openings far exceeding the available talent to fill them, job seekers can pick and choose where they want to apply. A 2018 survey conducted by SilkRoad and CareerBuilder found that “one-in-five employees gives less than 10 minutes to a job application, or two to three pages on a mobile device, before dropping off.” Make sure your application only asks for the information that you absolutely need at that stage in your selection process. It should be quick and easy to complete. 
  1. Mobile Friendly: Many candidates (particularly millennials) conduct their job search on-the-go using their mobile phones, so be sure that your Careers page is mobile friendly. To the point made above, you’ll also want to ensure that your job application is mobile optimized as well. If you’re not sure, try it out for yourself! 
  1. Job Alerts: Don’t count on job seekers to go back to your Careers page on their own if they don’t see a job opening that interests them when they first visit your page. Your Careers page should offer the opportunity for job seekers to sign up to receive job alerts for the type(s) of position(s) they want to pursue. This push notification can help to re-engage that candidate when an appropriate job becomes available. 
  1. Apply Without Job Opening: Don’t let a potential candidate slip through your fingers simply because you don’t have the right job opening for them today. Seize the opportunity to engage that candidate in a future job opportunity by allowing them to apply for a future fit position. If you do this, be sure that you source your ATS when new positions become available to ensure that you re-engage these candidates who have expressed an interest in your company. 
  1. Explain Your Hiring Process: Job seekers want to understand your hiring process. They want to know the expected steps it takes to get hired, and they want to know what they can expect from you in this process. Providing an explanation of your hiring process either through text or video can help to manage candidates’ expectations and answer some of their questions on the frontend.

After you’ve completed the suggestions above, Harver’s blog offers even more tips to optimize your company Careers page. For inspiration and examples of well designed company Careers pages, check out SmartRecruiters’ Top 10 company career pages.

Hopefully, these tips have sparked ideas for how you can strengthen your company Careers page and set your recruitment marketing efforts on a path for continued success.

Do you need help creating or updating your Careers page? Contact us right away.  Otherwise, if  you struggle to find qualified individuals that fit your culture and make productive, long-term employees? Finding the right person to “fit” a job is a critical HR function. That’s why strategic HR inc. utilizes a variety of resources to help client’s source, screen and select the best candidates and employees. Please visit our Recruitment page for more information on how we can help you effectively and efficiently find your next employee.