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Employee Engagement Surveys


What is an employee engagement survey and why would I need one?


There are a number of different tools that employers can use to gauge what their employees are thinking.  Employee Opinion Surveys, Employee Satisfaction Surveys or Employee Engagement Surveys are just a few examples.  As the economic recovery takes hold, and large numbers are considering making a change of employers, retention has become a dominant issue for employers.  These surveys are a valuable tool to obtain feedback from your employees on what is working and what is not working in the organization.  The key is to build on what is working, and address and/or make changes to what is not working.  Engagement is particularly insightful to understand your employees’ commitment level to the organization.  Employers who have engaged employees are more productive, more profitable, have less turnover and just an overall more satisfying work environment.

Having good employee relations is key to effectively managing (and retaining) your workforce. Employees want to feel valued and may not perform up to standards, or stick around very long, if they don’t feel they are needed. Strategic HR, inc. understands the value of your workforce and having good Employee Relations. We’ve helped companies create reward and recognition programs and have coached managers on providing support and mentoring to their employees. Learn how we can help you with your Employee Relations needs by visiting our Employee Relations page.