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Culture Conundrums


How do you uncover what’s really happening in your culture to avoid culture conundrums?

You’re a business leader.  You’ve been pulled into several areas of your business that are focused externally for the last month or longer.  You’re starting to feel disconnected from the internal team and current culture vibe in the office.  You pride yourself on being the Chief Culture Officer in your organization or team.  What do you do?  How do you reconnect and bring valuable motivation and productivity to the entire team and to each individual?


Invest in employee experience to show employees you care.  Take their pulse and incorporate intentional action planning into their day-to-day.

This response can be easier said than done.  So, how do you actually get started?

Step 1:  Evaluate your resources.  How much time and how many dollars might you have to invest? Do you have an HR team that has bandwidth and expertise?  HR or Organizational Development professionals are your trusted partner on this.  If you don’t have those resources, where can you get this support?

Step 2:  Partner with your trusted HR Pro to design a customized qualitative and quantitative assessment process that works for you and the team.  The assessment process typically consists of 1:1 connect sessions with employees that reiterate your employment experience goals and ask targeted questions regarding feedback in these areas.  Also, a pulse survey with similar targeted questions is released to capture any feedback from those that didn’t have a 1:1, or that may have been forgotten during the 1:1, or was uncomfortable for the employee to provide face-to-face.  Here are some sample questions and your HR Pro can provide all of the recommendations to get this executed.

Step 3:  Analyze the data and plan next steps with your HR Pro (and any additional relevant leadership team members.)  Be sure to include a communication plan and roll-out timeline.  Incorporating the entire team in the solutions will reconnect you with the team and reassure them of your care for their needs.

Step 4:  Communicate, communicate, communicate!  Share the results and plans with the entire team.  Express your excitement about employee experience results that you’re proud of and your focus on improvement areas.  Work with your HR Pro on engaging the team in solutions and opportunities for you to work with the team in finalizing outcomes.  Collaboration towards a goal will build cohesion across any existing silos, including your own.

Ta-da!  You are feeling successful as the Chief Culture Officer once again.  You’re in touch with the current state of your team and your team members are so pleased that you care about their employee experience.  Retention and engagement results are soaring and you’re being asked by other external leaders about your methods.  By continuing the efforts to uncover the state of your culture on a regular basis (i.e. at least quarterly), you’re pro-actively leading the way as an “Employer of Choice.”


Employee focused Business and HR Strategy will impact the bottom line for your business.  After all, employee associated costs are your biggest investment on your financial statements.  Employee experience insights will help ensure your culture reflects and aligns with the organizational vision, purpose, and values.  strategic HR inc. receives numerous requests regarding culture assessment, enhancement, and enrichment from leaders.  We can help with your business and HR strategy.  For more information, please visit our HR Strategy page.