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Why Continuous Background Checks Are Now Trending

2018 was filled with a series of events that led many employers to question: Is one initial background screening at the point of hire really enough? Movements like #MeToo triggered concerns about the character of their existing workforce. In addition, a long list of questionable employee actions continues to make the news. As a precaution, many employers have started to implement routine background checks to monitor existing employees for any red flags.

“Continuous background checks are not a bad idea and can be useful in many scenarios. We often see companies conduct yearly checks on their employee’s license as well as additional screenings on education or credit when promotions occur.”

Signet Screening President Matt Messersmith


Continuous screening involves periodic background checks on current employees to identify issues that can occur after a worker is hired.

Continuous background checks aren’t new to the pre-screening employment industry. For some employees, such as healthcare professionals, re-screening every six months is the standard process. But, as technology advances, other industries are deciding to jump on the bandwagon – and so far, success rates appear to be high.

The Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is one such example in the educational field. Nearly 130 CPS employees have been “terminated, recommended for dismissal, or have resigned amid scrutiny” after a review of background checks performed on CPS staff, according to The Chicago Tribune.


1. Security in your brand

Your company’s brand is extremely valuable and can be easily tarnished. Avoid taking any unnecessary risks and be proactive with continuous screening.

2. Confidence in your employees

An initial screening is just a snapshot in time. Just as every employer wants to have confidence in the performance of their employees, they also want to have confidence in their character. Reaffirm your confidence in hires with a continual screening process.

3. Ensure a standard is maintained

Every company has an initial standard that employees must attain to get their foot in the door. But six months later, is your company still holding that standard? If continuous screening isn’t in place, you could be settling for less than you planned. With continuous screening, you can be confident that your company standard is honored.

Thank you to Matt Messersmith, President/CEO, Signet Screening, for sharing your expertise on background checks. Make Signet Screening your hiring partner. By doing so, you will get accurate, timely information about a candidate’s history and insight into their abilities which helps you make better, more informed hiring decisions. Their background screening services include federal, state and local criminal checks, education and employment verification, drug screens, motor vehicle reports, registrations and social media searches. They will work closely with you to design the optimum screening and hiring process that best fits your needs. 

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