“Thank you (strategic HR, inc.) for your work on this key position. We’re very excited for this addition to our team. You found us some strong candidates, and I know it wasn’t necessarily easy to find them.  Thanks especially to Cathleen and David for their diligence and for their strong communication and reporting on the process. I appreciate all your work. Your solid reputation precedes you!”

Rozy Park | Director of Culture, HR, and Legal AffairsTedia

“We engaged strategic HR, inc. to help us administer an employee survey.  They were wonderful and everything ran smoothly.  We even had employees that weren’t going to take the survey take it after hearing strategic HR’s team share why they should.  We had a 96.8% response rate.  Thank you strategic HR.”

Angie WestfallKings Food Group

“Thanks so much for guiding us through our group training. I thought we covered a lot of important ground which sparked some very good discussion. I look forward to incorporating some of the key concepts as well as several of the “ah-ha” moments relative to uncovering the deeper issues with our prospective customers.”

Scott CollinsPresident/CEO Link-age

“We just wanted to thank you for all of the hard work and guidance. Your assistance made us produce a great handbook for our associates and managers. It is much clearer and easier to understand. The feedback has been positive on the changes we made.”

Jessica OndrovicFirst Financial Bank

“Since my introduction to strategic HR, inc., I have been impressed with the company’s knowledge base, professionalism, and willingness to give back to our community. Representatives of strategic HR, inc. have volunteered their time to present at our Building Blocks for Non-Profits trainings. We continue to include them in our programming because of their incredible knowledge on various human resources topics and their excellent training skills. Strategic HR, inc. consistently receives the highest marks from attendees for the quality of their presentations. When our budget allows, we call on strategic HR, inc. to assist us with issues such as recruitment, employee development, and background checks. A strategic HR, inc. representative is always available to provide us with invaluable insight on a wide range of human resources issues.”

Molly LohrExecutive Director ReSources

“Strategic HR, inc. truly achieves excellence in what they do, and the services they provide. Strategic HR, inc. exemplifies the high standards of business practice in the Greater Cincinnati area. Robin and her team have provided their expertise in training, recruiting, onboarding, mentoring and a number of other areas. They listened to our needs and concerns, then proposed comprehensive solutions. They have continued to implement those solutions in a timely manner, showing that they understand our organization, our priorities and our needs. Their expertise and support have proven invaluable. I would strongly recommend strategic HR, inc. to any organization needing outsourced HR support.”

Kathleen WolfVice President, Marketing, Communications & Employee Relations The University of Cincinnati Foundation

“HORAN has partnered with strategic HR, inc. and have been very impressed with the level of knowledge, expertise and service that they have shared with many of our clients. In the complex world of compliance and HR, I would highly recommend the services of strategic HR, inc. to any client or prospect.”

Julie Highley CBCVice President Horan Associates

“Robin and her colleagues at Strategic HR were a perfect HR solution for my small organization. When I took over we had no structure in place: no job descriptions, evaluation systems or client feedback processes. Robin helped with every step: setting priorities, creating a work plan and executing the pieces. We were a much better organization as a result of strategic HR’s solid work.”

John Fonnerformer Butler County Transportation

“Robin is a key driver of success at strategic HR, inc. Her company has been a valued partner of ours for many years. We look to her often for advice on attracting and retaining talented staff as we grow. She has also co-authored a book which shares her very unique and visionary formula for communicating workers of various generations in the workplace. I highly recommend Robin and strategic HR, inc. should you be seeking a highly qualified and forward-thinking HR consultancy.”

Ben Stallardformer Deskey

“When it comes to the broad field of Human Resources, an ever-growing field of legislation, strategy and compliance, you will find no better partner than the team at strategic HR, inc. From daily operations to staffing to organizational development, their team has proven on numerous occasions to be professional and responsive problem solvers. You will find no better solution when looking for a Human Resources partner that cares more and works harder than Robin and her team. We value greatly the relationship and would recommend strategic HR, inc. to any business or organization.”

Jerry DeatherageOwner Diversfied Asset Management

“I have very high standards and strategic HR, inc has exceeded my expectations numerous times. They have become a consultant company of choice for Perfetti NA.”

Brenda GumbsVP HR, USA & Canada Perfetti Van Melle USA, Inc.

“Strategic HR has done many different things for us and they always come prepared and full of creativity. They hosted a leadership team camp that was just wonderful; it was well received by everyone involved. We give them an A++!”

Dorothy Jones, M.A.Director of Human Resources and Professional Development Hamilton County Education Service

“As Crescent Park was growing, we had the need for an interim recruiter. Patti was perfect for the role. She was very professional, hard working and needed no training. She quickly developed a rapport with our supervisors and had the open skilled-labor positions filled in no time. The positions were filled with qualified individuals that are still with us years later.”

Dena BrownDirector of Human Resources Crescent Park Corporation

“My Company is a medium-sized Tier I Automotive Manufacturer headquartered in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. The Corporate HR Manager resigned rather suddenly and unexpectedly. The Company contacted Robin at Strategic HR, Inc. in hopes that she might know of an experienced HR executive who might be willing to consult and serve as HR Manager until a suitable replacement could be recruited and hired. Within 24 hours, Strategic HR, Inc. referred a candidate who was available and willing to take on this role. The Company’s President and CEO was well satisfied with Strategic HR’s referral. In fact, within just a few months, the President and CEO convinced this consultant to accept an offer to take the position on a permanent, full time basis. All parties were well satisfied. I know—because that candidate was me. Thank you Strategic HR, Inc.”

Thomas A. BarnesCorporate H.R. Manager ThyssenKrupp Bilstein of America, Inc.

“I am very satisfied with our partnership with Strategic Human Resources. They have been our “recruiting department” for the past few years and we have gained tremendous efficiency with the sourcing and pre-screening of candidates. Today we are always searching for ways to maximize our time and efforts and the work Strategic HR is doing has allowed us to focus on what we do best, while they keep our pipeline primed and ready to engage at a phone call’s notice. This is a great example for us of “highest and best use” on both sides of the partnership.”

Doug StuderCEO Deskey

“I have tremendously enjoyed working with Robin Throckmorton. She is thoroughly knowledgeable concerning all aspects of human resource management. She was instrumental in developing and implementing a performance appraisal system and has provided support training to our managers. I’m very pleased with my association with Robin and Strategic HR, Inc.”

Bernadine HunterVP Human Resources ADAMH Board of Franklin County

“We have been very pleased working with the entire Strategic HR, Inc. Team. Strategic HR is very professional and has helped our company with the employee handbook and in placing an HR person at The Verdin Company.”

Suzanne SizerMarketing Manager, The Verdin Company

“We partnered with Strategic HR and outsourced our recruiting. Over the past two years, Debbie, Melinda and Patti have all helped us in sourcing and screening candidates to match our needs. This has helped us to fill our staffing needs and has allowed Empower MediaMarketing to continue to provide excellent service to our clients. Thank you Strategic HR for all of your great support. They are true professionals!”

Nancy Luehrmann, SPHRHR Manager Empower MediaMarketing

“Strategic HR has been working with our company for the past year and a half. Their HR expertise has filled the considerable gaps that we had prior to hiring them. They have demonstrated excellent all around HR knowledge and skills and can meet a variety of needs that otherwise might require an in-house HR department. The two consultants that we have worked with have fit in perfectly with our staff and have provided good solutions (and relief) for our management team.”

Scott McReynoldsVice President Finance & Administration Greater Cincinnati Foundation

“We are very pleased with the professionalism, commitment and quality of work of Shelly. Her assistance in our recruiting efforts has been extremely valuable.”

Stephanie BrenemanHuman Resources Manager Makino

“Strategic Human Resources has been our partner and right arm in recruiting for about two years now. They have given us great (friendly) service, great results and have provided much needed relief in our recruiting area.”

Nancy Luehrmann, SPHRHR Manager Empower MediaMarketing

“The team at Strategic HR inc. consistently delivers whatever we ask of them…..they offer excellent advice and deliver quality services. They approach our relationship as a partner, and act accordingly.”

Janice HittingerHR Manager PCMS

“Strategic HR has helped us on numerous occasions with their expert human resources knowledge. Whenever we have a question they are always there helping to make sure that we are in compliance with the related regulations and doing the best we can for our staff given the little funding that we have. Robin is a lifesaver!!”

Mari Lee SchwarzwalderExecutive Director Warren County Humane Association

“Strategic HR, Inc. has helped us when our plates were overflowing by bringing their expert human resources knowledge to our company. We had so many projects that we just couldn’t get to them all. The consultant we hired was instrumental in bringing balance back into the Human Resources department so I could focus on other tasks. We are very grateful for the extra support!”

Pam McAlpinH.R. Generalist United Performance Metals

“If I get thrown a challenge that I need assistance on, I call Strategic Human Resources – I know that Robin and her team will have the answer – or get the right answer for me quickly! They’re responsive, resourceful – and most importantly – correct!”

Lisa KaminskiVP People Operations Interwrite/E-Instruction

“After Strategic HR conducted customer service training with our staff, our average customer satisfaction ratings went from “Satisfied” to “Extremely Satisfied”. In a tight economy and a down market, that difference in customer service performance gives us an edge that helps us retain market share and remain profitable.”

Jeff HerronDirector of Operations Pendleton Data Farm

“I had a very good experience working with Shelly. We were relieved when she would come to work because she was a great resource when it came to personnel issues. We appreciate her expertise in Human Resources!”

Christine BennettDirector of Management Services The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati

“Strategic HR’s expertise has helped organize our recruiting efforts to fill considerable gaps that we had in the current employment market. They have fit in perfectly with our staff and have provided a great HR solution to our company.”

Michael SchweblerChief Operating Officer Midwest Ultrasound

“We have been very pleased working with the entire Strategic HR, Inc. team. Strategic HR is very professional and has helped our company with updating our employee handbook and in the evaluation of our 401K providers. Your team has helped us not only remain compliant, but remain cutting edge with HR technology solutions.”

Don BakerCFO BH Group & Affiliated Companies

“Strategic HR, Inc. provided excellent service to both employees and myself through placing a consultant that was well aligned with our strategic goals and her ability to communicate and understand our employees. I was impressed with the level of client service I received. The quality of the Human Resource solutions delivered was excellent and made our organization compliant and completely met our needs. I would highly recommend Strategic HR, Inc. to anyone looking for Human Resource support.”

David ShanteauExecutive Director Rest Haven Memorial Park

“We are extremely happy with services received from Strategic HR. Our consultant assessed our HR needs and developed a priority list that we have been “attacking” consistently. Several unexpected situations occurred in our business too, that required immediate attention and our consultant was very thorough and was quick to respond with solutions. We are very thankful to have found a company that provides personal attention, solid knowledge of HR issues, and adaptability to meet the specifics needs of our business.”

Beth JenkinsOwner MBL Enterprises, Inc. dba Springdale Cleaners

“It has been an honor collaborating with the team at strategic HR, inc. They are knowledgeable in a variety of areas and are always willing to assist as needed. I have attended a variety of HR sessions they’ve facilitated and have been impressed by the amount of information presented. I have used several tools they’ve provided to improve the overall effectiveness of our HR department. I greatly appreciate the relationship I have with the strategic HR, inc. team!”

Latricia HibbittHR Manager Tender Mercies

As a new start-up manufacturer providing material for Procter & Gamble, we were in great need of HR infrastructure, particularly for recruiting and screening candidates for our new manufacturing operation. Robin (Strategic HR, Inc.) provided the consultants necessary to support our efforts. With detailed hiring procedures put in place and executed upon, over the next 9-12 months our employee turnover went from ~75% to 25%. Most certainly, Strategic HR Inc.’s efforts were a major contributor to our retention success. I would not hesitate to contract Strategic HR Inc.’s services in the future!

Drew FoxCPA CEO/CFO Amantea Nonwovens, LLC.